Buying Eversure Cycle insurance
  • Why should I take out Cycle insurance if it's covered on my home policy?

    When we visit cycle retailers, or speak to our customers, we are often asked "Why shouldn't I just cover my bike under my Home Contents insurance?". This is an important question, and the answer depends upon whether you are willing to accept some of the major exclusions that are common under Home Contents policies.

    Home Contents insurance is an excellent product that every household should consider. Most people usually under-estimate the value of their possessions, and subsequently under-insure on their Home Contents. Home Contents insurance serves a very important purpose; that is to protect the contents of your home against fire, theft, flood, and accidental damage. Without Home Contents insurance, the cost of replacing your possesions after any of the above events could mount up very quickly.

    As with any insurance, Home Contents insurance has its limitations - it cannot possibly cover every single item that you own in every single situation, and it is not designed to do so. For example, people frequently transport items such as bicycles on or in their cars, but you would not expect your car insurance to pay to replace a bicycle stolen from your boot. Likewise, you would not expect your Home Contents insurance to replace your car if it was stolen from your garage.

    Like all insurances, the only way to determine whether a Home Contents insurance policy is suitable for your needs is to carefully read the policy wording.


    Key Points to look out for with a Home Contents insurance policy:


      1. We reviewed 10 very well-known Home Contents insurance policies and found that only 2 of them actually covered bicycles against damage whilst being ridden! Most policies also excluded Accidental and Malicious Damage whilst the cycle was away from the home. Eversure Cycle Insurance now insures bikes against non-superficial Accidental Damage and Malicious Damage immediately from purchase.


      1. We also found that the majority of the Home Contents policies we reviewed did not cover bicycles against theft whilst away from the home, even when locked up securely at a bona fide cycle rack. The Eversure Cycle Insurance policy instantly covers the bike against theft, provided you have used the appropriate level Sold Secure Approved Lock . Bikes may be left at a cycle rack for up to 12 hours, or up to 24 hours at a train station.


      1. Most of the Home Contents insurance policies we reviewed had a very low maximum cycle limit. Eversure Cycle Insurance routinely insures cycles up to the value of £10,000.


      1. Several of the Home Contents insurance policies did not cover permanently fixed cycle accessories. Eversure Cycle Insurance covers all permanently fixed accessories included in the value of the cycle.


    1. The Public Liability benefit included in the Home Contents insurance policies we reviewed was rarely extended to cover sporting activities such as cycling. This is an important exclusion to note, as Public Liability covers you should you cause injury or damage to another person or to their property whilst cycling. For example, colliding with a pedestrian or scraping down the side of an expensive car. Public Liability Cover can be added to the Eversure Cycle Insurance policy for a small additional charge.


    In summary, it is important to read your Home Contents policy wording thoroughly, and to also read the Eversure Cycle Insurance Policy Wording to compare the cover provided. In both cases, make sure that you understand what you are getting for your money and then make the decision as to whether you want a Home Contents policy that may include the above mentioned limitations that are not always reflective of a cyclist’s needs, or whether you want a specialist cycle insurance policy.

  • Why should I choose Eversure Cycle Insurance?

    Eversure bicycle insurance offers you great value, clear and reliable cover, carefully designed to cover you and your family's cycling needs. With cover for theft, accidental and malicious damage, the Eversure cycling insurance policy also provides personal accident cover and replacement bike hire. With optional public liability cover and bike breakdown available, our policy provides cover for both the leisure and competitive cyclist.

    • Personal accident cover
    • Call and speak directly with our trained staff
    • Email if you prefer
    • Family cover included

  • I've changed my mind and don't want my policy now, can I cancel?

    We hope you are happy with the cover our policy provides.

    After purchasing our insurance, should you decide that the insurance no longer meets Your requirements, You are entitled to cancel this insurance policy by notifying Eversure in writing within 14 days of issue.

    A full refund of any premium paid will be made unless You have made a claim in which case the full premium is due.

    You are entitled to cancel this insurance policy after the cooling-off period stated above by notifying Eversure in writing, however no refund of premium will be payable.

    We shall not be bound to accept renewal of any insurance, and we may cancel this insurance policy by providing 14 days notice in writing to Your last known address. Any return of premium due to you will depend on how long this insurance policy has been in force unless you have made a claim in which case the full premium is due.

    How to cancel your Cycle Insurance

    If you would like to cancel your cover, please submit this in writing either by using the contact us form.

    Please note: Administration fees (where applicable) are not refundable.

  • What evidence of ownership will I need to provide to make a claim?

    Ordinarily, this means the original purchase receipt, showing the date, price paid, details of the bicycle and/or approved lock, name and address of seller, or other evidence which clearly demonstrates ownership. Other evidence, which would demonstrate ownership, would include at least one item from the following list:

    • A copy receipt from the retailer stating the item, value and date of purchase
    • An invoice stating the item, value and date of purchase
    • A credit agreement stating the item, value and date of purchase


    If you do not have any of the above, we will require a combination of at least two of the below:

    • Clear photographs of your cycling equipment which are date and time stamped
    • A bank or credit card statement showing the date and value of the purchase and the retailers details
    • Any literature which shows details of the item and purchase
    • A recent valuation or repair statement from a reputable cycle dealer stating the item, value and date
    • For items purchased through an online auction such as eBay; a printed copy of the original auction, including photo's, description and auction number as well as the relevant proof of payment

  • Can I get insurance if I have previously made a claim?

    At Eversure we treat everyone as an individual and we consider the circumstances of their claim and, if any action is possible, what they have done to prevent it happening again.

    If you have made a claim, our online underwriting may prevent you purchasing our products instantly and should this happen please get in touch with us to discuss your application and we will refer your responses to our underwriters for a decision.

  • What value should I use for my bicycle?

    You should insure your bicycle (and fixed accessories) for the current replacement value from a reputable supplier at the time of applying for cover.

Making a claim
  • I need to make a claim

    If you need to make a claim on your Eversure Cycle Insurance policy, rest assured we aim to make the claim process simple and efficient.

    On the happening of any event which may give rise to a claim you shall give immediate notice, as soon as you become aware to;

    1. the police in respect of any theft or malicious damage, and
    2. to Direct Group Property Services;
    Direct Group Property Services
    Quay Point,
    Lakeside Boulevard,
    Doncaster, DN4 5PL.
    Tel: 0344 893 1022
    Fax: 0344 412 4234

    Quoting scheme reference number 05268A

    Within 30 days of notifying us, you shall supply, at your own expense, full details of the claim in writing together with any supporting information, evidence of ownership and proofs which we may reasonably require including proof of purchase.

    You shall give such information and assistance as we may reasonably require to substantiate any claim and where requested provide proof of your identity prior to settlement of any claim.

    In respect of public liability claims, you must send us any claim, writ or summons as soon as you receive it. Do not negotiate, pay or settle, admit or deny any claim without our written permission. You must also notify us in writing of any impending prosecution inquest or fatal accident enquiry.

    Direct Group Property Services are an insurers agent and in the matters of a claim act on behalf of the underwriters.

    Please Note: Direct Group Property Services has become Ryan Direct Group, combining the latest technology with great customer service to provide insurance solutions to some of the UK’s best known insurance and retail brands.

  • Is there an excess when I claim?

    Yes, the Eversure Cycle Insurance policy has an excess of 5% of the insured value, with a minimum of £25.

What isn't covered?
  • Do your policies cover bicycles that are hired?

    No, the policy will not cover bicycles that are hired.  The policy can only cover bicycles that you own.

  • What are the main exclusions I should be aware of?

    These are what we consider the main exclusions of our policy. You should check the policy wording for a full list.

    • Using the cycle professionally or for any trade/business except commuting to and from work
    • Any claim whilst using your cycle for organised events such as triathlons, sportives, cyclo-cross, road cycle races, time trials, track cycling and mountain bike races unless Cycle Event cover has been purchased
    • Theft where the security requirements have not been met
    • Insured items for which you cannot provide evidence of ownership
    • Theft of or damage to accessories or removable parts, unless the cycle is stolen or damaged at the same time
    • Tyres or inner tubes unless the cycle suffers accidental or malicious damage at the same time
    • Damage that does not impair the function and/or performance of the cycle
    • Personal accident cover for anyone aged under 16 or over 65
    • Any claim where the cycle has been abandoned

  • Do you cover motorbikes or electric scooters?

    No, this website provides cover for pedal cycles only.

What is Covered?
  • Is my cycle covered when being transported on a rear-mounted cycle carrier on a car?

    If you are transporting your cycle by car on a rear-mounted cycle carrier and your cycle is damaged by a third party colliding into the rear of the car, we would expect you to be claiming for the damage from the third-party who has hit you given they would be liable for damages.

    Typically though, the cycles would be covered for accidental damage if they were damaged whilst on the racks. They would not, however be covered for theft.

  • What are the key features of Eversure Cycle Insurance?

    The main features of our cycle insurance covered as standard are:

    • Theft
    • Accidental damage
    • Malicious damage
    • Replacement cycle hire
    • Personal accident
    • European Cover

    If you'd like additional cover, you can add the following:

    • Public liability cover
    • Cycle breakdown
    • Cycling accessories
    • Cycle Event Cover
    • Worldwide Cover

  • Does your insurance cover cycles when used in cycle races, triathlons, cycle sportives, etc.?

    Our optional Cycle Event cover will extend the standard policy to also cover you whilst you are using the cycle during organised events such as triathlons, sportives, cyclo-cross, road cycle races, time trials, track cycling and mountain bike races

  • Do you insure wheels?

    If you take out our insurance you have a ‘duty of care’ and therefore you must take care to prevent any accidental damage, malicious damage, theft or loss of your bicycle or component parts. You must make all reasonable efforts to make it as difficult for the wheels or any other component to be stolen, for example, if they are quick-release wheels then you can;

    • The approved lock can be fed through both the front wheel and the frame of the bike;
    • Approved lock(s) can be purchased to lock the frame and wheels to an immovable object: Approved Lock List

  • Can I get mountain bike insurance?

    Yes, the Eversure insurance policy also covers mountain bikes, as well as road bikes.

  • I got my bicycle through the 'Cycle to Work' scheme, can I get cover?

    Yes, the Eversure policy will cover cycles obtained through the 'Cycle to Work' scheme.

  • Are electric cycles covered by the policy?

    Yes, we can cover electric bicycles providing they meet EAPC requirements.

  • Am I covered to take my cycle abroad?

    Yes, you are covered all over the world!

    You are covered up to a maximum of 31 days any one trip and a total of 90 days in any one period of insurance.

    All trips must begin and end in the United Kingdom before the end date shown on your policy schedule

  • Am I covered for Third Party Damage?

    You can select Public Liability Cover when you purchase Eversure Cycle Insurance. This will give you cover should you injure another person or damage their property whilst using your cycle.

  • Will I be covered for personal accident?

    Yes, if you are over 16 or under 65 years of age the Eversure Cycle Insurance policy provides up to £10,000 personal accident cover.

  • Am I covered if I lend my bike to someone else?

    This policy only covers you and the following members of your family that permanently reside with you at the insured location:

    • parents
    • spouse
    • partner
    • children
    • siblings (aged 12 years or over)

  • I can't find my approved lock on your list - help!

    If you can't find your lock on our approved locks list, please try searching for the specific lock model rather than the manufacturer. For example, if searching for a 'Kyroptonite Evolution Mini 7' lock, 'Kryptonite' will not yield any results but 'Evolution' will. If you still can't find your lock, please get in touch either by chat or contact us form.

  • What are the security requirements when my cycle is away from home?

    Accidental or malicious damage to or theft of the cycle whilst away from the home shall only be covered in circumstances where;

    • the cycle is not left unattended.
    • the cycle is left unattended, but secured to an immovable object by an approved lock through the frame.
    • any access to the cycle is effected by forcible and violent entry.
    • the cycle has not been abandoned.
    • the cycle is not left unattended within the boundaries of a train station, bus station, coach station or your permanent place of employment for more than 24 hours and subject to (b) and (c).

  • What security requirements are there at home?

    Accidental or malicious damage to or theft of the cycle whilst at the home will only be covered in circumstances where the cycle is:

    • Kept inside and any security devices are in operation.
    • Stored within a private garage, privately accessed wooden, plastic or aluminium shed within the boundaries of the home and you have complied with the following security requirements;
      1. All external doors must be secured by a minimum of a 5 lever mortice deadlock to BS3621 standard or a 5 lever padlock, or
      2. The cycle must be secured through the frame by an approved lock to an immovable object within the building.
    • Secured through the frame by an approved lock to an immovable object within the building when at your home in any location which is described as a communal hallway or communal outbuilding.

  • What security requirements are there on or in a Vehicle?

    Theft whilst the cycle is in or on a vehicle shall only be covered in circumstances where;

    • all doors, windows and other openings of the vehicle and cycle rack are left closed, securely locked and properly fastened.
    • access to the cycle must have been effected by forcible and violent entry.
    • any security devices installed in the vehicle and cycle rack are in operation.
    • the cycle is stored out of sight wherever possible, or is secured through the frame by an approved lock to the roof or cycle rack attached to the vehicle.
    • if the cycle is left in or locked on to the vehicle between the hours of 9pm and 6am the vehicle must be fitted with a Thatcham category 1 alarm/immobiliser or category 2 immobiliser or category 3 steering lock, and if any such category 1 and 2 device is not factory fitted, it must have been installed by a member of the Vehicle Security Installation Board and evidence of such must be provided in the event of a claim.
    • when you are outside the United Kingdom where it is impossible to comply with the Thatcham security requirements, theft shall only be covered if the vehicle is fitted with a factory fitted alarm or immobiliser and evidence of its existence must be provided in the event of a claim.
    • any vehicle used must have;
      • valid motor insurance.
      • a valid MOT certificate where applicable.
      • current road tax where applicable, and
      • all windows and locks that are capable of rendering the vehicle secure.

  • What sort of lock do I need?

    The Eversure Cycle Insurance policy requires that your cycle is secured using an approved lock.


    An approved lock means:

    • A nominated lock from the appropriate Sold Secure category 
      (as specified on your policy schedule)
      • for cycles up to £250 in replacement value, an approved lock is one which is tested to a bronze standard by Sold Secure.
      • for cycles greater than £250 but less than £1,500 in replacement value, an approved lock is one which is tested to a silver standard by Sold Secure.
      • for cycles greater than £1,500 in replacement value, an approved lock is one which is tested to a gold standard by Sold Secure.
    • Any other specified lock accepted by us and agreed in writing.

    We have a handy lock-searcher on our website. Enter your lock and you'll be shown whether it's covered or not. Just follow this link to check your lock now.


    As a general rule, you should be purchasing a lock that shows the below logo as these have been tested by bodies that our underwriters have approved.