What's not covered?
  • Do you cover vans with the Personal cover?

    No, this policy will only be able to assist with breakdowns relating to cars and motorcycles under 16 years old, vans are specifically excluded.

  • Am I covered for breakdown assistance in the Isle of Man or Channel Islands?

    This depends on the policy.

    The Allianz Global Assistance policy does not cover trips within the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or Isle of Man other than during the direct Journeys between Your Home and Your international departure point.  If you live in the Isle of Man, you can purchase a policy for travelling in Europe.

    Our policies with assistance provided by National Breakdown cannot be purchased by Isle of Man residents and assistance cannot be provided when travelling to the Isle of Man.

  • Will your breakdown policy cover my vehicle being used for commercial purposes?

    No, we are unable to offer breakdown policies for vehicles being used for commercial purposes.

  • Will you recover my vehicle in the event of an accident?

    In the event of an accident you should contact your vehicle insurer. We do not provide accident recovery.

  • Do you cover Camper Vans?

    No, our policies do not cover camper vans or vans that have been converted into camper vans.

  • I have more than one vehicle, can I cover them on one policy?

    We don't sell multi-car policies meaning if you're looking for vehicle cover, you'll need one policy per car. 

    We do sell Personal Cover, this is where we cover the policy holder (and up to 4 family members) in any car, whether they're driving or a passenger.

    This cover has a few restrictions, and you should read the policy wording before buying. For example, the personal cover will only provide assistance if you're in a car that's less than 16yrs old.

    Also, it only covers cars and motorbikes, not vans or campervans. 

What is covered