Buying a Policy
  • Will Brexit affect my breakdown insurance?

    As far as we can tell, Brexit will have no impact on your policy however a 'no deal' Brexit is still largely unknown. 

    If there are any changes once a decision has been made about Brexit, we will ensure that our Policyholder's are updated accordingly.

  • My vehicle age will change during the life of my policy, am I covered for the full year?

    If you have selected 'Vehicle' cover then the annual premium is calculated on the age of your vehicle at  the time you purchase the policy.  Cover will be provided for the full year.

    If you have selected 'Personal' cover then you can call for assistance on any car or motorcycle within the age limit as stated on your certificate of insurance.  If you vehicle exceeds this age limit then no cover can be provided under the policy.

  • What do the cover levels mean?


  • I've broken down and I do not have have a policy with you, can you help?

    Unfortunately not.  We cannot provide cover to a vehicle that has already broken down, you are not covered for claim circumstances that you were aware of before your policy was issued. 


  • Can I buy European cover for a car already in Europe?

    No, we will not be able to provide a policy for this purpose as your journey must begin and end in the UK.  Your vehicle must also be registered to, and ordinarily kept, at an address within the UK.

  • Do your single trip European policies cover caravans or trailers?

    When obtaining a quote for single trip breakdown assistance in Europe, you will need to ensure the 'Caravan/trailer' box is ticked if you are towing a caravan or trailer.



    You will then be provided with a quote to include recovery of your caravan or trailer.

  • What is the maximum trip length of the annual European policy?

    Our assistance provider, National Breakdown, can provide cover for a maximum single trip length of 90 days.  This means you can travel as many times as you like throughout the period of your policy providing one single trip does not exceed the maximum trip length of 90 days.

    Don't forget - all trips must begin and end in the UK, we cannot provide a policy for one-way travel.

  • How can you offer breakdown cover at a reasonable price in comparison to other providers?

    We are an online company so we are able to keep our overhead costs to a minimal, our customers are able to choose a policy that best suits their needs through our website.  We also keeps our costs low by not having a large call centre, we do not sell policies over the phone and our cost savings in this regard can be given back to you, our customers.

    We care about the environment so when you purchase your breakdown cover with us, we do not send policy documents through the post, they are however delivered straight to your inbox within moments of purchasing!  We also do not send out membership cards so we recommend that you note down your policy number and your breakdown assistance phone number so you have theses details to hand if you need them.

    Our breakdown assistance providers operate through a network of agents who are able to help in the event of a breakdown, they will deploy someone close by to assist you. Our policies operate specifically to assist you at the roadside initially if possible, if the repair cannot be completed in this way then you will receive local recovery to a nearby garage within a certain radius - the distance can be found within your policy wording.

    It is important to note that our policies will not immediately take you home following a breakdown, the initial steps of roadside assistance followed by local recovery must have taken place first.

  • Where is my VAT receipt/invoice?

    We don't send out separate receipts or invoices as these are a part of the certificate of insurance.

     Quite often we get asked for 'VAT Invoices'.  There is no VAT on insurance, instead you pay Insurance Premium Tax which unfortunately is not reclaimable from HMRC.

    You'll find the amount you've paid, and the IPT (Insurance Premium Tax) paid noted on the Certificate of Insurance.  Your accountant should accept this as a valid receipt. 


  • How can I pay for my breakdown policy?

    We can only accept a one-off payment for your policy, we are unable to offer a monthly repayment plan or offer payment instalments for your breakdown policy.

  • What is Vehicle Cover?

    We offer breakdown policies that cover the vehicle, which means anyone driving the vehicle, with the owners permission of course, can use the policy in the event of a breakdown.  

    The policy with assistance provided by Collinson offers a vehicle cover policy for cars and motorcycles under 20 years old and vans under 10 years old.



  • How do I add another car to my cover?

    Our 'Vehicle' breakdown insurance policy is designed to cover the vehicle, not the purchaser and as a result, you can only cover one car per policy. If you wanted to cover more than one car, you'll need to buy another policy.

    However cover will be extended anyone driving the covered car provided they have your permission and the appropriate license and insurance to drive the vehicle you have covered.


  • I can't see where to add another driver

    If you have purchased, or have a quote for a breakdown policy covering a specific vehicle (Vehicle cover) then this type of product is designed to cover the vehicle named on the policy, not a specific person and as a result, you don't need to specify who drives the vehicle. 

    Cover will be extended to anyone driving the car named on the policy so long as they have your permission, the appropriate license and car insurance to drive the vehicle you have covered.

     We also sell 'Personal' cover, if you've selected this at the beginning of the quote process, you'll have the opportunity to add additional drivers before you pay.


  • I only want cover for a one-way trip

    The single-trip cover we sell requires that you start and finish your trip in the UK. 

    For Example

    If you were driving to Poland from the UK on the 1st of the month, and not driving back until the 14th, you would need one policy covering the 1st to the 14th. You couldn't buy two policies for each journey.

    In the event you call for assistance outside of the UK, you will likely be asked for evidence of your outbound and return Channel crossings.

  • How will I receive my policy documents?

    Policy documents are sent to your email address within minutes of purchase.

    You can print these together with the policy wording or service agreement and take these on your trip if you want to. What's important is to save the emergency number in the event that you need assistance as the provider will identify your policy using your vehicle registration number or your address.

    If you don't have these within a few minutes, you should:

    • Check your junk and spam folders. Our purchase emails have up to 4 attachments on them and this can cause them to be picked up and moved where you won't look!
    • Make sure you do this within the first two days. Gmail, Yahoo and some others have a tendancy to delete them automatically after 48-72hrs.
    • Get in touch with us. If you've waited an hour and you still don't have them, please use the contact us page to chase us for these. 

    The only two reasons for not receiving documents are Spam filters or 'user error' where an email address is entered incorrectly.


  • How do I get in touch with Eversure?

    If you need to get in touch with us, there's a few ways you can do this: 


    During our opening hours you can chat with us by clicking the help button at the bottom of the page and starting a conversation.


    Contact Us

    When our offices are closed, you can click the help button at the bottom of the page and complete a quick form to send us a message. We'll get back to you, usually within 24 business hours.

    Or you can use the form on our Contact Us Page



    If you need to speak to us, we're available from 08:30 to 17:30 Monday to Friday.  Our number is: 0330 094 5255.



    You can still send us a lovely letter if you'd like to. Our address is:



    Bury House,

    1-3 Bury Street,



    GU2 4AW

Manage My Policy
  • I have a breakdown policy for my vehicle and my renewal premium is higher than last year, why?

    Our premiums are based on how old your vehicle is, so as your vehicle increases in age, the premium is calculated to reflect that.

    To show our thanks to our loyal customers, we offer a discount at renewal, we do not price match with other providers however the price we quote is the best we can offer for the level of cover provided.

  • Can I transfer my policy to another person?

    Our breakdown policies are non-transferable, we cannot change the name of the Policyholder to another person.

    If you have a 'vehicle' policy, then we can transfer the policy to your new vehicle.  Please remember, that vehicle and address changes carry an admin fee (the amount charged is dependent on when you bought your policy and can be found in the terms of business document we sent you at purchase but this will be between £5 and £7.50.  We can collect the administration charge from the card used originally at purchase.

    If your replacement vehicle is older than the original, there will also be an additional charge as older vehicles cost more to insure. We'll make any charges to the card that was used to make payment for the policy in the first place, and advise of these when we email out your revised certificate of insurance.

    Once you receive your revised certificate, your vehicle switch will take place over-night.




  • Do you charge cancellation fees?

    No, we do not charge a cancellation fee for terminating your breakdown cover.


  • Why have I been charged an Administration Fee?

    Eversure work hard to maintain great prices for our customers.  We are constantly reviewing market changes and claim ratios to try and provide the most cost effective cover for our customers as we can.  

    Just under a year ago we established that we would need to increase the cost of our policies to cover the administration work that our policy holders asked us to perform.  We took the decision to hold the cost of our insurance, and introduce administration fees to cover these costs. This meant that customers who didn't need to make changes, weren't paying for those who did.

    When purchasing a policy, you will be provided prior to, and just after purchase, a copy of our Terms of Business.  This document outlines the costs that are applicable to the cover you have.  Before taking payment, you will be asked to confirm that you have read and agreed to our policy wording and terms of business.  As a result of this, when our customers contact us to make a change, we're confident that they will already be aware of the administrative costs that might apply when making changes to their policy.

    As an online company, we don't advertise a number to contact us on.  Instead our customers can live-chat with us or use the contact form to request changes.  Again, this is a conscious decision which saves money on a call centre which is a saving we can pass on to you.

  • Will you provide me with a Green Card for my breakdown over?

    This is not something we provide.

    This is a document that your UK vehicle insurer can provide you if you're taking your own vehicle into Europe.  It proves you're insured and that your UK insurer has extended cover to Europe.  You will need to ask your insurance company if they can issue you with one.


  • I have an annual European breakdown policy, do I need to notify you of when I am travelling?

    No, you do not need to notify us as to when you are planning on travelling to Europe.  

  • I have a UK policy, can I add European cover?

    We are unable to upgrade your UK policy to include trips to Europe, however we do offer Single Trip European policies which you can purchase through our website.  A single trip policy will cover you specifically for the dates you are travelling to Europe. 

    Don't forget, we cannot offer cover for one-way trips, all journeys must begin and end in the UK and there are age restrictions associated with our single trip European policies, please obtain a quote from our website to see the options available to you.

  • Can I upgrade my Breakdown cover?

    Once you have purchased breakdown cover from us, we can't upgrade it or change it.

    On the condition that no claims have been made or are pending, we can cancel and refund your premium in full if you contact us within 14 days from the day of purchase or the day on which you receive your policy documentation, whichever is the later. 

    After this time, there is nothing we can do I'm afraid, as the underwriters will not allow changes.

  • Do you provide membership cards?

    We email you your documents at the time of purchase which include your policy number and number to call in the event of a breakdown. 

    We don't send out paper copies unless you ask, and we never send out membership cards because, well frankly, they're a waste of plastic and we want to save the dolphins!

    Not only that, but it's something that we would end up adding to the cost of your policy which you don't really need providing you save the telephone number on a device.


  • I have purchased a policy, where is my receipt?

    We do not issue separate receipts, your certificate of insurance is your receipt as this details the amount you have paid along with the Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).

  • My payment details have changed, how will you collect the renewal premium?

    If your payment details have changed, you will need to provide us with your new card details.  You can do this by clicking the payment link within your email renewal invitation - this will take you to our website where you can submit new payment details.

    Alternatively, you can call us on 0330 094 5255 to provide new payment details.  Please note we cannot store your card details on our system, so payment for the renewal will be completed once you have given us the new payment details.  

  • What happens at renewal?

    Regardless as to whether or not you have kept the Automatic Renewal option, we will always email you at least 28 days in advance of your renewal date advising of your renewal price and what action is required if any.  If you have opted for auto-renewal we will renew your policy unless you advise us not to.

    If you've decided that you don't want your policy to renew, you can contact us at any time to have this removed from your policy. Send us a message with your policy number and request and we'll do this for you. You'll need to put this in writing rather than call.

  • Can I change my vehicle after I have purchased cover?

    Yes, you can change your vehicle mid way through your policy. 

    Please remember, that vehicle and address changes carry an admin fee (the amount charged is dependent on when you bought your policy and can be found in the terms of business document we sent you at purchase but this will be between £5 and £7.50.

    If your replacement vehicle is older than the original, there will also be an additional charge as older vehicles cost more to insure. We'll make any charges to the card that was used to make payment for the policy in the first place, and advise of these when we email out your revised certificate of insurance.

    Once you receive your revised certificate, your vehicle switch will take place over-night.

    To make this change, get in touch with us by filling out the contact us form

    Make sure you include your policy number and the replacement vehicles:

    • Make
    • Model
    • Reg
    • Date of first registration (if you have it)

  • I need to make a change to my breakdown policy, are there any fees?

    We do charge an admin fee to cover the cost of our team accessing your record, performing the required checks on the information you've provided and validating your request and re-sending your documents to you.

    Vehicle and address changes carry an admin fee - The amount charged is dependent on when you bought your policy and can be found in the terms of business document we sent you at purchase but this will be between £5 and £7.50.  We can collect the administration charge from the card used originally at purchase.

    If your replacement vehicle is older than the original, there will also be an additional charge as older vehicles cost more to insure. We'll make any charges to the card that was used to make payment for the policy in the first place, and advise of these when we email out your revised certificate of insurance.

    Once you receive your revised certificate, your vehicle switch will take place over-night.

    This fee will apply for vehicle changes or address changes. Typically we won't allow you to change other aspects of your policy during the life of the policy.

    Please contact us using the contact us form if you you'd like to make any changes. We'll get these done, charge the card held on file, and resend your updated documents to you.

What's Covered?
  • Do your UK breakdown policies cover caravans?

    You will need to ensure that the 'Caravan/trailer' box is ticked when getting your quote.


    Depending on which policy you choose will depend on the the level of cover provided for caravans.   You will need to check your policy wording.


  • What is the maximum trip length you can offer for a single trip European policy?

    You can take out a policy for the maximum single trip length of 31 days.  All trips must begin and end in the UK, we cannot provide a policy for one-way travel.

  • I'm travelling with animals, will they be recovered with my vehicle?

    The transportation of livestock (including dogs) will be at the discretion of the recovery operator. They will endeavour to help arrange alternative transport, but you will need to pay for this service immediately by credit or debit card.

  • Do your UK policies cover misfuelling or lack of fuel?

    If you have misfuelled, or have run out of fuel, our policies can recover you.

    Some of our policies offer repair costs (up to the limit stated on the policy) after misfuelling has occurred, you will need to check the policy wording to see these limits.


  • Will this policy take me home if I break down?

    The process followed if you break down is explained in the policy wording for each policy, the distances will vary according to policy, but they all generally respond in the same way. It's important to understand what happens in the event of a breakdown. If you know what to expect from your policy, it avoids confusion, stress and the potential for disappointment if you find you're not getting what you expected.

    Because all of the policies we sell behave slightly differently, you should take a look at the policy wording for the one you're looking at. This is usually found on the comparison table, or as a link on the cover summary page before you buy. To make it as easy as possible, this information is all on the first page of the policy wording for each of the policies we sell.

    Home Start

    If your policy has Home Start, this will provide the facility whereby someone will attend your home address and try and get you going again. If this can't be done, the policy may provide for recovering you to a garage nearby where you've broken down.

    Local Recovery

    Typically, this will be within around 20 miles of home, but please check this as it varies from policy to policy. If you breakdown under these circumstances and we can't get you going at roadside, you'll be recovered to a local garage or to your home. 

    National Recovery

    Once you're further away from home than local recovery allows, if you breakdown you'll receive roadside assistance if the problem is likely to be fixable roadside. If not, you'll be towed to a local garage to where you've broken down. Only if the repairs can't be made in the same day will either recovery home, recovery to your destination or overnight accomodation become an option. We don't sell a policy that will immediately take you home if you break down and this is not an optional upgrade.

    European Recovery

    This typically operates in a similar way to National Recovery, but because the amounts of cover and processes are all a bit different, you really should read the policy wording to make sure you understand what will happen in the event you breakdown. Usually these policies will include a section around repatriation which explains what happens if your vehicle can't be repaired on the continent. 

  • What are the breakdown call out times?

    We don't quote breakdown assistance times because there are just too many variables.

    When you factor in the time of day, time of year, weather, how busy the roads are and where you've broken down, there really could just be too many contributing conditions that would cause a delay.

    That said, because our assistance providers operate with networks of local garages rather than having a fleet or vans, they do quite often respond very quickly because they're not travelling great distances to get to you.

  • Where are the recovery operators based?

    A really regular question we get asked is how long will it take for you to assist me if I breakdown. Truth is, this isn't an easy question to answer because it very much depends on where, when and how you breakdown and also the weather, time of year and road conditions at the time.

    Our assistance providers have a network of approved garages and mechanics around the UK so when you call for assistance, the nearest operator will be deployed to help you. This can mean that recovery takes place sooner. 


  • Do your UK breakdown policies cover punctures?

    Yes, punctures are covered providing the vehicle is carrying a serviceable spare wheel with appropriate jack or an aerosol repair kit.

  • Do you offer Personal Cover?

    If you have opted and paid for Personal cover, any car or motorcycle that qualifies for assistance will be covered in the event of a breakdown, this includes whether you are a passenger or a driver.  You must be with the vehicle at the time the assistance arrives and be able to provide photographic identification if this is requested.  Service will only be provided in accordance with the level of cover you have purchased, as indicated on your policy schedule and in accordance with the policy wording. 

  • I've broken down on a European motorway - what do I do?

    You must use the official SOS boxes provided on the Motorway/Auto Route to arrange assistance, you will need to pay for this service immediately.

    Once the vehicle has been recovered from the Motorway/Auto Route you will need to contact your assistance provider who will make further arrangements for you.   

    You need to use the SOS boxes provided as European Auto Routes are privatised meaning the your assistance provider's recovery vehicles are not allowed to recover you and your vehicle on these roads.  Any costs incurred for recovery from the Auto Route can be claimed back from your assistance provider, please retain all receipts and invoices.



  • Does this policy cover parts my car needs?

    None of the policies we sell cover the cost of replacement parts that your vehicle needs.

    Some of our providers cover you if the garage are unable to obtain spare parts locally for the cost of getting the parts delivered.

    They will arrange to have them delivered to you, subject to availability and import restrictions. Please note you are responsible for the cost of the spare parts themselves and any customs duty payable.

  • Do you cover legal fees if I have an accident?

    If you have an Allianz Global Assistance policy, this provides assistance for legal costs and expenses in recovering uninsured losses up to the amount shown in your policy wording provided at purchase.



  • I've broken down, what do I do?

    You should contact the relevant claims department using the emergency number on either your policy wording or service contract agreement. These numbers are available 24/7 365 days a year and are not the numbers you would call if you wanted to make a change to your policy.

    Also, you should be aware that calling the wrong assistance provider may result in you being told you don't have cover as they will not be aware of each-others' customers.

    If you're unsure of your assistance provider you can always call us on 0330 094 5255.  During office hours we'll get you in touch with the right provider, outside of these hours, providing you're calling from the number we have on file, we'll try to automatically connect you with the right provider.

  • I don't have a spare wheel

    If your vehicle doesn't come with a spare wheel, it will usually either be running on a type of tyre called 'run-flats' or it will come with a tube of sealant which can be used to get you going to the next service station.

    If this is the case, we'll still provide assistance. However, if your vehicle was supposed to have a serviceable spare and you don't have it, we will decline cover.

    Motorbikes are covered because it's just not practical for us to make you carry a spare around your neck!

  • Do you cover hire cars?

    No, we cannot provide a breakdown policy for hired vehicles.

  • Will you cover my company car when I am using it for personal use in Europe?

    Yes, our providers will cover company vehicles that are taken abroad for personal use. The company vehicle must be registered in the UK and you must have the necessary permission and insurance to drive the vehicle abroad.

    The vehicle must also meet the definition of a vehicle type that would normally be covered. 

    Please note we do not cover commercial vehicles that are being used for business purposes whilst travelling overseas.

  • If I need to make a claim, is there an excess to pay?

    We sell a few different types of polices at a few different prices. 

    By taking a policy that has an excess which is payable per claim, you'll find you pay less up front.

    You'll be able to see if the policy you're looking at buying has an excess by checking the table (see below for an example).


    However, some aspects of your cover may operate on a pay and reclaim basis, such as overnight accommodation or motorway recovery fees. This means that you will need to pay for the costs and then reclaim them from your assistance provider. If this happens, it's really important that you keep all your receipts.

  • I Live in the Channel Islands, can I get cover?

    Unfortunately we cannot offer a policy to Channel Island residents.

  • Do you cover private-hire or taxis?

    No, we are unable to provide cover for taxis or private hires.

What's not covered?

  • My vehicle exceeds the weight or size limits on your policy, can I still buy the cover?

     If your vehicle (and trailer or caravan if applicable) you are towing, exceeds the size or weight limits on the policy then the policy will not be able to assist you in the event of a breakdown.

    The size and weight restrictions are in place because in the event of a breakdown the recovery operator needs to ensure they can fit your vehicle on the recovery truck and if they are exceeded they will physically not be able to recover your vehicle.

  • Am I able to purchase Breakdown Cover if I am not a UK resident?

    No, only UK residents are eligible to purchase breakdown cover from this website.

  • What is the maximum age of vehicle you can cover?

    The maximum ages of vehicles vary depending on your assistance provider and the type of cover you have purchased.  If you already have a policy with us, please refer to your policy wording.

    Some of our providers can offer 'Vehicle' cover for vehicles up to 20 years old, there are restrictions so you will need to check these before purchasing a policy.  

    'Personal' cover is also available, you will need to select the policy appropriate to the age of your vehicle from our website.  The maximum age limit for a 'Personal' policy will be detailed on your certificate of insurance and will either cover cars and motorcycles up to 9 years old, or cars and motorcycles under 16 years old.  Vans cannot be covered under the 'Personal' policy.

  • My vehicle has broken down, what do I NOT do?

  • If I've already left the UK can I buy cover?

    No, unfortunately we can only cover trips that originate from the UK and return to the UK during the period of cover.

  • How many passengers can I take?

    In the event of a breakdown, the maximum amount of passengers that can be recovered is 8 (including the driver).



  • Do you cover pets travelling in the vehicle?

    Unfortunately, none of our providers can guarantee that they will be able to provide transport or recovery for pets, however all will try their best to help. If there are any additional costs or expenses, these will be your responsibility.

  • Are punctures covered?

    Yes, punctures are covered by our assistance providers for European breakdown policies.  Some of our assistance providers require you to carry the following:

    - a serviceable spare or an aerosol repair kit

    - appropriate jack

    - locking mechanisms for the wheels

    Please check the policy wording which will provide you with further information.