About Musical Instrument Cover
  • Where can I view the policy wording?

    Please click here to view the policy wording.

  • Does your Musical Instrument policy provide cover for music dealers or shops?

    Our policies will not provide cover for business use.

  • Will I be provided with temporary replacement whilst my instrument is being repaired or replaced?

    Yes, we will pay costs up to 10% of your total sum insured for the hire of alternative equipment following a claim whilst we repair or replace an insured item.

  • How do I cancel my policy?

    You can either complete the contact us form, or you can email us here. Please include your policy number in all correspondence.

  • How do I renew my policy?

    Your policy will automatically renew, subject to the renewal premium being received within 14 days of the expiry date. You can stop your automatic renewal at any time by contacting Eversure.

  • How do I add equipment or change my policy?

    You can either complete the contact us form, or you can email us here. Please include your policy number in all correspondence.

  • Can I include personal accident cover to my policy?

    Yes, you can choose between two levels of personal accident insurance, either £25k or £50k.

    We will pay the relevant amount up to the value shown on Your Certificate of Insurance if you suffer an accident whilst using an insured item during a musical activity which subsequently requires dental treatment, or causes loss of limb, loss of sight, loss of hearing, your death or permanent total disablement.

  • Do you offer public liability and professional indemnity cover?

    Yes, you have the option to include £10m public liability and £2m professional indemnity on your insurance policy.

  • Do I have to list all of the items I want to insure?

    You only need to list musical instruments/equipment/accessories with an individual value of over £1,000 as specified items on your policy.

  • Can I take my musical instrument/equipment abroad?

    Yes, just select the worldwide option and you will be covered for trips up to a maximum of 60 days anywhere in the world, unless the foreign office has advised against all travel to the country or region.

  • Is my instrument/equipment covered in a vehicle?

    Provided the vehicle is locked and the insured items are in a locked luggage compartment and out of site, they're covered. In the event of a theft claim, there must be evidence of forcible and/or violent entry or exit.

    In addition, we won't cover theft from a vehicle unless it has a fixed room of the same or similar construction material to the rest of the car. This means, we don't cover convertible vehicles.

    Finally, we won't provide cover if your equipment is stolen from your vehicle and the vehicle was in close proximity to the insured location. We expect you to take your instrument out of the car and keep it safe when you can.

  • Are there any security requirements when my instrument/equipment is away from the insured location?

    Your instrument/equipment must not be left unattended at any time unless inside a locked room or locked cupboard and any security devices are in operation. In the event of a claim, there must be evidence of forcible and/or violent entry or exit.

  • What are the security requirements when I leave my instrument unattended?

    If you leave your equipment unattended at the insured location we have the following requirements:

    • All security devices, including alarms if applicable, must be operational whenever the insured location is unoccupied or unattended.
    • The items must be stored within the main building which must be of standard construction.
    • For total equipment values of more than £20,000, a national security inspectorate approved and maintained alarm is also required. This must be activated.
    • In the event of theft, there must be evidence of forcible and/or violent entry or exit.

  • Where is my instrument/equipment covered?

    This depends on the level of cover you select. We offer:

    • Room cover only
    • UK cover
    • Worldwide cover

    Territorial limits apply to each insured item.

  • How do I prove ownership?

    If you need to make a claim, we'll ask you to provide evidence of ownership. This is your way of demonstrating to us that you owned the equipment at the time of loss.

    We can accept the following as evidence of ownership:

    • The original receipt, invoice or credit agreement that shows the item, value and date of purchase.
    • Clear photographs of your instrument/equipment that are date and time stamped and show personal identification (such as driving licence or your Certificate of Insurance)
    • A recent valuation or repair statement from a reputable source stating the items, values and date.

  • How do I value my musical instruments and accessories?

    The value is the usual un-discounted purchase price of a new replacement insured item (including VAT) from a reputable supplier at the date the policy commenced. For vintage insured items, a current valuation from a reputable source within the 12 calendar months preceding the commencement date of this policy.

    You should review the value of your Insured Items regularly to ensure your cover is sufficient.

  • Is my instrument covered if I lend it to someone?

    You can lend your instrument/equipment to people you know, however your insurance policy won't cover you for theft if it is stolen by the person you lend it to. You are also not able to make money from lending your instrument/equipment.

  • Who is covered to use my instrument/equipment?

    Any members of your immediate family that are aged over 16 years and who permanently reside with you at the same address.

    Children who are students living away at school or university during term time, are not covered.

  • Can I get cover for my Band/Orchestra/Group?

    No, we are unable to provide a policy for a band, orchestra or group.  Our policy is for individual musicians only.

  • What is the excess if I need to claim?

    The excess you pay depends on what you're claiming for.

    Theft, Accidental Loss, Accidental Damage - A £100 excess applies per claim.

    Public Liability - There is a £500 excess per claim.

    Personal Accident - A £100 excess per claim applies on all claims except dental, which is £50.


  • What cover do I get with Eversure?

    Our musical instrument insurance covers the cost to repair or replace your insured items and accessories. Our insurance covers:

    • Theft
    • Theft from a vehicle 24hrs a day (subject to some conditions)
    • Accidental Loss (where the item is irretrievable rather than when it's left unattended)
    • Accidental Damage