Managing My Policy

Buying a Policy
  • If I buy a fleet policy, am I insured to drive any vehicle?

    Afraid not.  You can only drive vehicles that are specified on your policy. Having fleet insurance does not mean your cover can extend to driving cars not listed on the policy.

  • Can I drive any vehicle under my fleet policy?

    It is possible for you to have an 'Any Driver' option on your fleet policy.  If this is taken up, it means you can drive all vehicles named on your fleet policy.  It also means that anyone named on the policy can also drive any vehicle listed.

    Our fleet policy will not cover you for driving any other vehicle that's not named on your policy.



  • How many vehicles can I cover under my fleet policy?

    Our insurers can offer a fleet policy for three or more vehicles.  

  • How do you work out the premium for my fleet policy?

    The premium you pay is based on a number of key factors:

    • The number of vehicles you have in your fleet
    • The cost of the vehicles in your fleet
    • Your previous fleet claims history -  this is also known as your 'claims experience'
    • The safety and security measures in place surrounding your fleet vehicles
    • The number of named drivers and their driving history