Buying a Policy
  • What determines the cost of my policy?

    The insurance cost is based on a number of factors, below we have identified the key factors:

    • The number of vehicles in the fleet
    • The cost of your fleet vehicles
    • Your fleet claims experience
    • Safety and security measures
    • The number of named drivers and their driving history

  • Why would I need Fleet Insurance?

    Having a Fleet Insurance policy can have multiple benefits for your business, if you have more than 3 vehicles a fleet policy could save you time and give you peace of mind.  Rather than having separate policies for each of your vehicles, a fleet policy means that you have one policy in place which covers all your vehicles, this means you have only one renewal date and one phone number to call – definitely a time saver on administration!

    We work with different insurers who can offer a range of cover levels suitable for your needs, regardless of whether your fleet is large or small or contains cars or vans you will be able to find a policy that suits you.  Our panel of insurers can offer different cover levels, these additional benefits could include:


    • European Cover
    • Legal Expenses
    • Goods in Transit
    • Courtesy vehicle


    One of the great benefits of our fleet policies is the ‘Any Driver’ option.  Any driver named on the policy is insured to drive any vehicle listed on the policy which is great news if your drivers swap vehicles regularly.  Drivers and vehicles can be easily added or taken off the policy at any point, you just need to get in touch with us so we can amend your policy.

  • What are the benefits of having a Fleet policy?

    Having a Fleet policy has many benefits, here are just a few to mention:

    • Easy, simple, and convenient – One policy instead of individual policies which means you can dedicate more of your time to focus on other areas of your business
    • Tailored to suit your business needs
    • Personal broking – Fleet insurance is a niche insurance so our brokers are specially trained and have years of experience in the commercial insurance industry
    • Over time a reduction in cost

  • If I buy a fleet policy, am I insured to drive any vehicle?

    Afraid not.  You can only drive vehicles that are specified on your policy. Having fleet insurance does not mean your cover can extend to driving cars not listed on the policy.

  • Can I drive any vehicle under my fleet policy?

    It is possible for you to have an 'Any Driver' option on your fleet policy.  If this is taken up, it means your drivers can all drive all the vehicles on your fleet. Being insured on one of our fleet insurance policies does not mean that you are automatically insured to drive anyone else’s vehicle not under the fleet insurance. 






  • What driver schemes can you offer?

    We have a variety of different driving schemes to offer – the majority of these with a fleet insurance are any driver schemes over a given age, for example any driver over 25, this allows for driver flexibility from vehicle to vehicle as the business requires. 

    If you have one or two younger drivers, you could still have an any driver scheme for the majority of staff and we could look to add the younger drivers as named drivers on the policy.  That way they could still drive the majority of the vehicles within the fleet.

  • Can I buy a policy if I have motoring or criminal convictions?

    Yes, by working with so many different insurance companies, we have specialist providers that can cater to those with drinking, driving or criminal convictions.  They may need to be named drivers on the policies however they should still be able to drive the majority, if not all, of your vehicles.

  • How many vehicles can I cover under my fleet policy?

    Our insurers can offer a fleet policy for three or more vehicles.  

  • How do you work out the premium for my fleet policy?

    The premium you pay is based on a number of key factors:

    • The number of vehicles you have in your fleet
    • The cost of the vehicles in your fleet
    • Your previous fleet claims history -  this is also known as your 'claims experience'
    • The safety and security measures in place surrounding your fleet vehicles
    • The number of named drivers and their driving history



  • Can you offer breakdown cover?

    Our insurers can include breakdown cover within the fleet insurance so please confirm this to our agent when running through the quote details – this would then be one less thing to worry about, again giving you more time to focus on other elements of your business!

Managing My Policy
  • Can I build a 'No Claims Bonus' with my fleet policy?

    No, we do not offer a 'No Claims Bonus' (NCB).  In place of this you will receive a confirmed fleet claims experience report which will help to keep the cost of your fleet insurance down in the future.

    If you haven’t got fleet experience as you are new to fleet insurance, we have providers who will consider the individual no claims bonus from each vehicle that you have to provide you with a rate and allow you to start building your fleet experience.  This should open the fleet insurance market for you moving forwards.

  • If I have an accident which involves a company fleet vehicle, will this impact my 'No Claims' history on my personal insurance?


    If you have an accident in one of the fleet vehicles and you are at fault then this will have an impact on the future cost of your personal insurance policies.

  • How can I lower my fleet insurance premium?

    Choosing a specialist insurance broker is a good option if you’re keen to reduce the cost of your fleet insurance.  They have a range of policies to suit different requirements, so you can guarantee cover that is a perfect fit for your needs and won’t result in you paying any extra.  You can also make sure all vehicles included under the policy are fitted with security devices to reduce the risk of theft and pay for your fleet insurance on a yearly basis rather than monthly.

  • Is there a fee for changing or cancelling my policy?

    We may charge a small fee for changes made to the policy as well as any charge from the insurers for the change in policy risk.

    If you want to terminate your cover mid-term, then a cancellation fee could apply.  The insurers' cancellation terms will also be considered at the point of policy cancellation.