Eversure Camera Security Requirements

Minimum security requirements for the Eversure Camera Insurance policy.

At the Insured Location:

  • All external doors shall have a minimum of either a 5 lever mortice deadlock conforming to BS3621, or a cylinder rim lock conforming to BS3621, or a key operated integral multipoint locking system.
  • All accessible windows must be fitted with key operated window locks
  • All security devices including alarms must be operational whenever the insured location is unoccupied and/or unattended
  • The insured items must be stored within the main dwelling at the insured location, which must be constructed of brick, stone, slate or tile
  • For insured values exceeding £20,000 a National Security Inspectorate approved and maintained alarm is also required, which must be activated in addition to the above requirements

Away from the Insured Location:

  • The insured items must not be left unattended at any time unless inside a locked room or locked cupboard and any security devices are in operation

Unattended Vehicle:

Please note that theft from any convertible, soft top, or open top vehicle is excluded.

  • The insured items must be stored in a locked luggage compartment*
  • All doors, windows and other openings in the vehicle must be fully closed and locked whenever the vehicle is left unattended
  • All security devices such as alarms must be activated whenever the vehicle is left unattended
  • If insured items exceed £10,000 value the vehicle must also be fitted with a thatcham category 1 or 2 alarm
  • When parked at the insured location, insured items must, where possible, be removed from the vehicle and stored within the insured location
  • Vehicles must (where applicable) have a valid MOT certificate, current road tax, and be adequately insured

*Locked Luggage Compartment – a locked car boot, glove box or locked rear storage area that has a factory fitted cover in place such as a parcel shelf, and where the contents of said compartment are not viewable from outside the vehicle


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