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6 Tips to Help Keep Your Caravan Safe

By , 03 March 2019

Here at Eversure, we’re all about being careful, and when it comes to storing your caravan, there are some great things you can do to help keep it safe and secure. As the saying goes: If someone wants to get inside, they will. But as a caravan owner there are a few things that you can do to maybe delay or put off a potential thief from trying their luck. Let’s begin with the most obvious:


Choosing where you store your caravan over winter is an important decision. When it comes to taking the plunge though you can use a few different websites that rank secure caravan storage sites across the UK. Pick one that’s CaSSOA approved and preferably a Gold standard facility. Whilst that may cost you a bit more, or mean you’re driving slightly further to pick up your caravan, at least it will give to the most peace-of-mind when you leave it there for several weeks at a time.

Security Cameras

There are plenty of great wireless security cameras available on the market. These range from dummy cameras that are just there as deterrents to wireless, motion-detecting cameras that will link to your tablet or phone. Whilst getting your caravan hooked up with some (pretty affordable actually) and hi-tech mini cameras may not stop people from breaking inside if you get a picture of them, of they happen to see the cameras whilst their inside, they may think twice about taking anything.

Blackout Curtains

Privacy and blackout curtains are another, even cheaper way, to help keep prying eyes off of your caravan. With prices starting as low as £10-£15 these really are a ‘no-brainer’ when it comes to protection. When a potential thief can’t see inside, they’re less likely to want risk breaking in.

Wheel Locks

Wheel locks and clamps are always a good idea, even if your caravan is just on your driveaway overnight. Remember, anything that makes your caravan look less like an easy target is worth installing. Locks start from around £30.00 and can go up to around £100, so you’ve plenty of choice out there. Pick a reputable brand, look at some reviews and choose one you know you’ll be happy with.

Tracking Systems

For the more technically astute amongst you, tracking systems for caravans (or any vehicles for that matter) are a new and growing way to help make sure your van is exactly where you want it to be. With prices from around £135, they’re not that expensive either. They’re easy enough to set up and are often magnetic and can be attached to the undercarriage of the caravan, safely out of sight. They’re well worth a look, and some can even link directly to GPS on your phone and will update you if it moves.


Taking out insurance will help ease your worries when parting with your caravan. Our policies for tourers and statics will offer you protection for accidental damage and theft and cover for contents. Find out if our caravan insurance is right for you here:

Wherever you find yourself with your caravan, make sure you have adequate cover. Head to our caravan insurance page, and take a look at what we can do for you.