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Photography insurance from Eversure provides you with comprehensive cover to give you the peace-of-mind when you’re out and about, the last thing you want to be thinking about when in the middle of a shoot, or whilst your hunting down that perfect shot, is whether you’re protected should something go wrong. That’s where we come in. With a range of cover levels to choose from and the support of one of the UK's leading insurers, AXA, you’ll know that your equipment will be in safe hands.

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Wide Cover Options
Theft & Accidental damage

When you insure your photography kit with Eversure, theft and accidental damage is covered as standard

Professionals and Amateurs

Our policy is suitable for all types of photographers, so if photography is just a passion or its your career then we can still protect you

New for old

If you have owned your equipment from new and its damaged or stolen and needs replacing, our insurance policy will pay out or replace it with new kit of equivalent value

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Why choose Eversure?
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Do I Need Photography Insurance?

Whilst it’s not a legal requirement to have photography insurance, if you’re a professional photographer, you’ll often be required to have public liability cover for certain jobs, such as weddings. This is especially true for photo shoots in public venues such as National Trust properties, museums and even parts of some cities.

All of our policies come with the option to add public liability from as little as £15 per year, when bought alongside equipment insurance, so it’s a small price to pay for that extra cover.

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What is Photography Insurance?

Eversure's Photography Insurance not only protects your camera and accessories if it is accidentally damaged, lost or stolen. You can build your own cover, just select the sections that are important to you. See below for more information on the benefits we offer.

  • Worldwide cover

    Thinking about taking your equipment abroad with you?

    If you have a job abroad or want to take your photography kit away with you on holiday then choose one of our worldwide options. We cover unlimited trips, you just need to select a maximum trip length of either 30, 60, 90 or 120 days.

  • Accidental Loss

    Want to cover all bases?

    Add Accidental Loss to your policy, this covers an unexpected loss of your equipment, so long as its not just been left unattended.

  • Public liability

    Do you need Public Liability to visit a venue or to undertake a specific job?

    Public Liability Insurance will cover the costs if you are alleged to have injured another person or damaged their property whilst you are behind the lens.

  • Professional indemnity

    Worried that a client will complain about the quality of your work?

    Professional Indemnity covers the legal costs to defend you if you are alleged to have provided inadequate advice or service.

  • Employer's liability

    Need a helping hand?

    We can provide Employers liability to protect your business if someone working for you gets injured. This is a legal requirement so make sure its selected if you need it.

  • Studio cover

    Want to insure your studio furniture?

    No need to buy multiple policies, our studio cover will insure your businesses fixtures and fittings against theft and accidental damage.

  • Hired equipment

    Do you hire equipment for certain shoots?

    Selecting Hired Equipment cover will insure the equipment that you hire in the UK for theft and accidental damage.

  • Mobile phones & tablets

    Need to cover your work mobile phone or tablet computer?

    We can include cover to repair or replace your mobile phone and/or tablet computer (up to 3 years old) if its stolen or accidentally damaged.

  • Portfolio cover

    Want to insure your finished work?

    Our Portfolio cover will cover the cost of labour and materials to replace any prints, canvases and laminates or bindings against theft, accidental damage and loss.

  • Flexible excess

    Do you want to increase your excess for a discount?

    You can select your own excess, so if you decide to increase your excess from the standard £100, your premium will get a discount.

  • Theft from a vehicle

    Do you ever leave your equipment in a vehicle?

    We will include theft from a vehicle as standard when you insure your equipment. The vehicle needs to be locked and the equipment needs to be out of sight.

  • Drone cover

    Own a drone?

    We can insure your drone for theft and accidental damage, if its just used as a hobby. Our cover will not cover commercial use, public liability, professional indemnity or loss including fly-away.

  • Legal expenses

    Do you think it's wise to add legal cover?

    Our legal expenses cover costs to pursue the following claims; Personal injury, Damage to photographic equipment, Trespass, Contractual disputes, Employment defense, Tax Investigation and copyright infringements.

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Important Information
Important Information Eversure Photography Insurance is underwritten by AXA
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What is covered?
Our cover explained
  • What's the maximum value of equipment I can insure?

    The standard limit of photography equipment on our policy is £100,000, however if you have more equipment than this, please give us a call.

  • What do you accept as proof of ownership?

    Evidence of Ownership is one or all of the following:

    •  an original receipt, invoice or credit agreement showing the item, amount paid, date of purchase and, if available, the retailer’s details. Where the item comprises a Mobile Phone this must also show the make and model and, if capable of connecting to a mobile network, the IMEI number
    • a date and timestamped photograph of the item (showing serial numbers where possible) with the owner’s driving licence or passport included in the photograph
    • a valuation or repair invoice, no more than 3 years old, from a reputable dealer/repairer showing the item make and model

  • What is a 'Specified Item'?

    We require you to specify the following equipment on your policy;

    • Drone/UAV
    • Any computers or laptops.
    • Individual Items of equipment over £2,000

    If you have any of these items but fail to specify them, they will not be insured.

  • Security Requirements

    The following security requirements need to be followed for theft of your photography equipment to be included;


    At the Insured Location:

    • All easily accessible external doors, windows or other openings are securely locked (or fixed permanently shut on the inside) and any security devices are set and operational
    • The Insured Items must be stored within the main building at the Insured Location, which must be of standard construction
    • For Sums Insured exceeding £20,000 a National Security Inspectorate approved and maintained alarm is also required, which must be activated in addition to the above requirements


    Away from the Insured Location:

    • The Insured Items must not be left Unattended at any time unless inside a locked room or locked cupboard and any security devices are in operation


    Unattended Vehicle:

    • The vehicle is securely locked at all points of access with all keys removed from the vehicle and all doors, windows and other openings fully closed
    • The vehicle must a factory / Professionally fitted alarm, which is set and operational
    • There must be evidence of forcible and/or violent entry to and/or exit from the vehicle
    • The Insured Items must be stored in a Locked Luggage Compartment, out of sight
    • When parked at the Insured Location, the Insured Items must be removed from the vehicle and stored within the Insured Location

  • How do I work out the value of my kit?

    In order to ensure that your item is insured for the correct amount, please observe the following:


    For items purchased new

    • Insure the item for the current usual, undiscounted, UK retail price.

    For used or pre-owned items purchase by you

    • The current market price of an equivalent item taking into account age and condition


    1. If you purchased a kit (for example a camera body and lens together), you must insure each part of that kit for the current usual, undiscounted, UK retail price as individual items.

    2. If the item is no longer available, insure the item for the nearest available item and keep a copy of your rationale for the higher price.

    3. If the item is vintage, obtain a valuation or repair invoice, no more than 3 years old, from a reputable dealer/repairer showing the item make and model.

    4. If you bought your equipment outside the UK, that's fine, but you need to insure it for the UK value of replacement.

    5. If you under-insure the item, you will only receive the amount that you have insured the item for, less the applicable excess.


    You should review the value of the Insured Items regularly to ensure Your sums insured are sufficient and renew valuations for rare or vintage items at least every 3 years thereafter.

  • Where does the Worldwide cover me?

    Any country or region other than those where the Foreign Office has advised against all travel or all but essential travel. (For a complete list please refer to the Foreign Office website

  • Can I insure my laptop and mobile phone?

    Yes, if your laptop is primarily used in conjunction with photo/video editing/processing then this can be included, just list it as a specified item when requested in the journey.

    We can also offer cover for mobile phones and tablet computers for professional and semi-professional photographers.

  • Can I insure my photography kit I have purchased abroad?

    Yes, if you bought your equipment outside the UK, that’s fine, you just need to insure it for the current, undiscounted, UK retail price as individual items.

  • What is Professional Indemnity and do you offer this?

    Yes, we can include Professional Indemnity cover, this covers costs which you may become legally liable to pay as a result of negligent services or advice provided by your business.  We offer two options, either £75,000 or £150,000.

  • Do you provide an Invoice/Receipt?

    We don't include a separate receipt or invoice. The price breakdown is included in the certificate of insurance. Your accountant should accept this as a valid receipt.

    Quite often we get asked for 'VAT Invoices'. There is no VAT on insurance, instead you pay Insurance Premium Tax which unfortunately is not reclaimable from HMRC.

  • What is the minimum age to purchase a policy?

    You will need to be 18 years old and over to purchase a Photography insurance policy.

  • I want short-term cover for my photography equipment, can you offer this?

    No, unfortunately we only provide annual policies.

  • What are the payment options for my Photography Insurance?

    You can pay for your policy in full by using any UK credit or debit card, including American Express.

    If your policy is valued at over £120.00, we offer the facility to pay in instalments via our finance provider; Premium Credit Limited.


    When purchasing, you will pay a deposit to Eversure.  Your remaining payments will be collected by Premium Credit Limited, and your first monthly repayment will be collected one month after the start date of your policy.


    You will receive a welcome pack from Premium Credit Limited by email within 14 days, which will include a repayment schedule.  Please read it carefully and sign the Credit Agreement as soon as possible.  A £10 charge may be incurred if you fail to sign the credit agreement.


    If you change your mind you can cancel the credit agreement free of charge within 14 days of purchase, you will have to make alternative arrangements to pay the balance of your insurance policy.


  • Can I add or remove equipment from my policy?

    Yes, if you'd like to add or remove equipment or change anything else on your policy, you can do so by getting in touch with us. The easiest way to do this is by using the contact us form, with your policy number, name, date of birth and a list of the changes you'd like us to make.


    There may be an additional or return premium due depending if you are adding or removing cover.  We also charge an administration fee of £10.00 for making changes to your policy.

  • Do you offer Public Liability cover?

    Yes, we can offer four levels of cover.  You can either include this on to a policy alongside your equipment or alternatively as a stand-alone policy.


    Cover levels available:

    • £1 million
    • £2 million
    • £5 million
    • £10 million

  • I want to cancel my policy, how do I do this?

    After purchasing our insurance, should you decide that the insurance no longer meets your requirements, you are entitled to cancel this insurance policy by notifying Eversure in writing within 14 days of either receiving the insurance policy confirmation OR the start of your Period of Insurance, whichever is the latter.  You will receive a refund of the premium paid, less the £10.00 cancellation fee.


    You are entitled to cancel this insurance policy after the cooling-off period stated above. Any return of premium due to you will depend on how long the Policy has been in force.


    Please note:

    Our £10.00 cancellation fee applies to all policies, including within your 14 day cooling off period.

    If you have made a claim, no refund is due.

    Administration fees (where applicable) are not refundable.


    How to cancel your Camera Insurance

    If you would like to cancel your policy, please use the contact us form here. We will usually process your cancellation within 2 working days and send a confirmation to the email address supplied. (Our opening hours are Mon–Fri 9am-5.30pm, excluding public holidays)

Claims Process
  • Can I make a claim straight away?

    We don't put an exclusion period on your policy for your general cameras equipment, however accidental damage cover is excluded for the first 28 days if you insure any drones, mobile phones and tablets.

    All items being insured must be in full working order at the time you take out insurance with us.

  • How do I make a claim?

    Making a claim is really straight forward.  You just need to complete our online claim form, including as much detail as you can regarding what happened, where it happened and what has been lost/damaged.

    For more information visit our claims page

  • Is my equipment insured in a tent?

    Your equipment will not be covered by our policy if you leave it unattended in a tent.  You can however keep the equipment in a vehicle, so long as the vehicle is locked and alarmed, the equipment needs to be kept in the vehicle's storage compartment and out of sight.

  • Do you cover breakdown of my camera or wear and tear?

    No, the policy will not respond to general breakdown of your camera or wear and tear. There must be an identifiable incident that caused the damage to your camera in order for the policy to respond.

  • Do you cover camera equipment left in a locked top-box of a motorcycle?

    The policy doesn't provide theft cover for photography equipment that is left in a top-box of a motorcycle. However, the policy would respond if the camera equipment was damaged in a road accident whilst stored in the top-box.


  • Is my equipment covered when in an aircraft?

    Our policy will only cover theft of items during a flight if they are in your carry-on luggage and therefore under your supervision.

    Items entrusted to the airline as checked in luggage for transport in the hold are not covered for theft or loss, but will be covered for accidental damage if they are in a purpose made equipment case.

    If you cannot take your equipment as carry-on luggage, the airline you are travelling with may be able to offer an increased carry-on limit or an upgraded cover for theft of valuable items from checked in baggage by your paying a supplementary fee. You will, however, need to discuss these options with the airline.

  • Are there any excluded activities?

    Yes, the following activities are excluded: 

    • airborne activities
    • caving
    • potholing
    • mountaineering (involving the use of ropes and harnesses)
    • rock-climbing
    • motor sports
    • stunt work
    • underwater activities
    • water sports
    • naval, military or air-force service operations

  • Do you cover non-UK residents?

    We can only offer insurance to UK residents at this time.

    Additionally, residents of The Isle of Mann and the Channel Islands are not permitted to purchase our photography insurance.

    To qualify as a valid UK resident for the purposes of our Photography Insurance, you will have spent at least the last 6 months in the UK and will remain a UK resident for the duration of the policy.