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What is Public Liability Insurance?

By , 06 January 2020

You’ve probably heard this phrase banded around a few insurance websites out there and probably assumed you knew what it meant. But when it comes to insurance: you can’t know enough. Have a read through our guide that will hopefully explain literally everything you could possibly want to know about Public Liability Insurance (or PLI for short).

The often-confusing thing about PLI is that some insurance policies offer it as standard, in some it’s an optional extra and some only offer it and nothing else. This can make it difficult to work out how important it actually is. But first, let’s get to the bottom of the details.

As the name suggests, getting public liability insurance is often a very good idea if you are using your insured items in a public area. For example, if you are insuring your camera equipment and taking photos in a park – this would be an instance where it would be wise to have public liability insurance.

What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

PLI covers damage to members of the public or their property caused by your presence. For example, if you were a photographer taking photos at a wedding and a guest were to trip over your tripod and break their leg, PLI would cover you for legal charges and compensation incurred as a result of the guest’s injury. Public Liability claims are much more likely if you are using your insured items as a professional. Musicians, photographers and drone operators alike are all required to have PLI in place in order to work in certain areas of the UK. It's also worth mentioning that PLI can cover damage you cause, so for example if during a photo shoot at an English Heritage property, you accidentally broke a vase, you'd be covered.

How Much is Public Liability Insurance?

This can vary hugely depending on what you're insuring and how much liability cover you need. Generally speaking, insurance policies will offer PLI from £1 million all the way up to £10 million. In some rare cases you may find you need more than £10 million worth of cover (for example if you are working in an area that is designated to be high-value by the UK government.) In this instance it’s always best to contact your insurer first. You can do that with us here.

For the most part, our policies that offer PLI are available from an extra £15 per year. This does vary however, depending on policy type and cover levels you choose.

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Do I Need Public Liability Insurance?

If you use your insured items professionally you should strongly consider having PLI in place. In fact most industries would require you to have PLI in place The risk of losing income due to a workplace accident should be a big enough incentive for you to think about purchasing PLI, not to mention that clients will almost certainly request that you have some in place before they hire you.

If you only use your insured items as a hobby, then PLI is less of an issue, but remember that any public area could be the setting to someone hurting themselves on your equipment – so do bear that in mind.

How do I get Public Liability Insurance?

With Eversure, purchasing or adding PLI to your policy couldn’t be simpler. During the sales process, we ask you whether you’d like it included, all you have to do is choose the best cover level to suit you and it’ll be added to your policy.

If you already have a camera, cycle or musical instrument policy with us (you lucky thing!), then you just need to head to our contact us page and fill in the super quick form and we can add public liability to your current policy. For our drone policies, only our commercial drone cover offers PLI - so make sure you select this option when you buy. Our caravan policies all come with at least £2million PLI included, so that's one less thing for you to worry about!

Self-employed Public Liability Insurance

It’s more common for self-employed people to take up PLI due to the protection it affords should an accident happen. If you are self-employed and don’t currently have PLI then you should seriously consider it. Think of it this way – if someone were to make a public liability claim against you, you’d be unprotected and left open to paying potentially vast sums of money out of your business.

To find out how much a policy including public liability with Eversure could cost, take a look at our products below: