Hired Equipment Cover
Photography Insurance Explained
By , 1 December 2021

What is Hired Equipment Cover?

Sometimes you don’t always own every bit of equipment you need for a shoot, especially if it’s a complex or large-scale operation, and for those moments having hired equipment cover in-place can be invaluable.

Hired equipment cover mean that any equipment you hire is covered for accidental damage and theft, meaning you’ve got less to worry about when it comes to renting expensive supplemental kit.

How Does it Work?

If you have hired equipment and it is damaged or stolen we will either reimburse you the amount for the equipment or we may at our discretion make claim payments directly to the hirer.

Make sure you keep all rental agreements, documents and proof of payment from your equipment hire to then allow our claims partners to be able to process your claim properly.

We offer this cover for £500, £1000 and £2000 worth of hired equipment giving you great flexibility in your cover options.

Do I Need Hired Equipment Cover?

It’s difficult to say when, if ever, you’ll need to hire out anything to assist in your photography, so if you think there is a good chance then you can add it on, if the need has come out of the blue then you can just add it on mid-term.

Do I Need To Tell You When I Hire Equipment?

This is the best part, no you don’t!

As long as you have selected hired equipment cover, you’ll never have to tell us when you have hired something, just make sure that when you claim you’ve kept all hire documents and can prove that you hired the gear and your claim should go smoothly.

I've Still Got Some Questions...

No problem, you can check out our FAQs at the bottom of our Photography Insurance page for more answers.

Equally, you can get in touch with our fantastic customer service team by using our contact us form