Portfolio Cover
Photography Insurance Explained
By , 1 December 2021

What is Portfolio Cover?

If you work with physical photo prints rather than purely digital, then portfolio cover could be something worth considering. Portfolio cover is protection for your canvases, prints or laminates if they are accidentally damaged or stolen.

The option of portfolio cover protects you against the cost of labour and materials to replace them.

Whilst portfolio cover isn’t a standard photography insurance inclusion it can be incredibly important for professional photographers to include.

How Does it Work?

We only offer portfolio cover to semi-pro and professional photographers and offer cover for up to £2000. This includes both finished and partially completed works, including any frames and bindings.

You don’t need to list out or update us on the portfolio throughout your period of insurance, as long as you’ve selected this type of cover, you can claim for your work.

Is Portfolio Cover Important?

All we can say is that accidents do happen, and in the hyper-competitive world of physical print photography, protecting your portfolio is often a sensible thing to do. When you rely on your physical prints for income, there nothing worse than finding them damaged or worse, stolen completely.

Whilst our cover can’t replace your work, it can offer compensation which would be at least some financial comfort to you and your business.

How Do I Claim

We try to keep our claims process nice and simple, you just need to head to our claim form and you can begin the process straight away.

I've Still Got Some Questions...

No problem, you can check out our FAQs at the bottom of our Photography Insurance page for more answers.

Equally, you can get in touch with our fantastic customer service team by using our contact us form