Accidental Loss
Photography Insurance Explained
By , 10 February 2021

What is Accidental Loss Cover?

Accidental loss is often one of the first things you might see on your photography insurance policy – it’s a staple of good insurance cover and one customers always tend to look for in their cover.

Accidental loss cover means that your camera and equipment (if it’s insured too) will be protected if you accidentally lose it whilst in the UK or abroad (as long as you’ve selected worldwide cover).

Is Accidental Loss Cover Always Included?

On Eversure polices you will have the option to include accidental loss cover (apart from in our public liability-only policies). So you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your camera and any other insured items you’ve listed can be covered if you choose to.

What about Negligent Loss?

Negligent loss is a phrase that claims handlers sometimes use to determine whether you may have been careless in losing your camera rather than it being out of your control. For example, accidental loss would be if you were on a bridge with your camera strap around your neck taking photos. If the strap were suddenly to snap and your camera fell off the bridge, this would be accidental loss.

However, if you weren’t using the strap and placed your camera down on the bridge and walked off and returned to find it missing, this would be negligent as you left it unattended and unsecured in a dangerous place.

It’s important to note that negligent loss wouldn’t be included in your cover. There are a few things you can do to help reduce the chances of negligent loss including:

  • If possible, always have your camera and equipment secured to you in some way when in use or in transit, whether with a strap or in a bag.
  • Always double check when you are leaving a shoot that you’ve taken all your equipment with you and you haven’t left anything
  • Write yourself an inventory list if you’ve got a lot of equipment so it’s easier for you to check that you have everything with you.

How Do I Claim?

If you’ve suffered an accidental loss, have a thorough look around for your item and try to stay calm whilst you do it.

Once you’ve established that you definitely can’t find it, then remember that you’re insured through Eversure and we can help get it sorted.

Use our claim form to fill out exactly what’s happened and provide the details and forms that we need and our claims handlers will get to work on your case.

I've Still Got Some Questions...

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