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The Eversure Photography Show Competition Results 2019

By , 22 February 2019

Firstly we'd like to thank everyone who got involved with our Photography Show competition this February. We were overwhelmed by the amount of submissions from our customers and photography enthusiasts alike. We've set up this page to give special mention to the overall winner and some photos that we also loved and were very close runners up.
Have a look through and enjoy. Well done to all those below!

WINNER - Kevin Rudeforth

Competition Winner

Victoria Dock on the Humber Estuary in Hull, East Yorkshire

A brilliant capture and composition of the coastline of the Northeast of England from Kevin. Everyone instantly fell in love with this piece, and we can't wait to showcase it as our official backdrop photo this year. To find out more about Kevin and his fine work, check out his website.

COMMENDED - James Davies

Commended Photo

A great landscape, with an incredible use of space and light. Definitely worthy of your attention, and claims a well earned place on our commended list. James has more spectacular photos on his website.

COMMENDED - Andy Money

Commended Photo

A fantastic composition and striking image from Andy here. I defy anyone not to get lost in the fox's eyes. To find out more about Andy and his photos take look at his facebook page.

COMMENDED - Valerio Berdini

Commended Photo

A beautiful use of height here. The vibrant trees certainly add gravitas to this photo. Valerio is an incredibly talented and awarded winning photographer, if you're not aware of his work then I highly recommend checking out his website.

COMMENDED - Alf Bailey

Commended Photo

A brilliant use of foreground and background contrast meant the Alf's submission just had to be commended. We loved the deer and if you do too, then head of to Alf's website.

COMMENDED - Alun Davies

Commended Photo

This rugged and primal landscape gives a great sense of natural history. The juxtaposition of the fast-flowing stream and the unmoving mountain only adds to this feeling. You can see more of Alun's photos on his website.

COMMENDED - Vincenzo Mercedes

Commended Photo

A really interesting composition from Vincenzo here. The use of shadow and contrasting blue sky makes this photo quite eerie. It really caught our eye, and we couldn't not add it to our commended list. You can find more from Enzo on his website.

COMMENDED - Mike Donnelly

Commended Photo

The final commended photo goes to Mike Donnelly. We loved this landscape; the framing is brilliant and really accentuates this peaceful and warming scene. Check out more from Mike on his website.

Well done again to all the commended entrants and especially to Kevin Rudeforth for his winning photo. Make sure you're on the look out for our next photography competition, we're hoping to make these a more regular occurrence after the fantastic reception that this one got.

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