Eversure Insurance Affiliate Program

Earn money by promoting Eversure on your website or blog

Here at Eversure Limited, we have been arranging general insurance since 2008. Utilising our experience and expertise, in 2012 we launched Eversure Camera Insurance. A year later we launched Eversure Cycle Insurance.

We have rapidly gained recognition for our customer service and great value.

By promoting us on your website or blog you can share in this success by earning extra revenue and it won’t cost you anything! And, not only will you receive a commission if one of our cycle, camera, car hire excess or breakdown cover policies are sold to one of your visitors, but you will also receive a commission if one of your visitors purchases a policy from our partner websites reducemyexcess.co.uk or comparebreakdowncover.co.uk!

Why join?

If you have a website or blog which attracts a significant amount of traffic from visitors interested in photography, videography, cycling, car hire or car travel then you could join in our growing success and sign up to our affiliate scheme!

  • Real time commission reporting
  • 60 day cookie
  • Eversure Camera Insurance underwritten by AXA.
  • Eversure Cycle Insurance underwritten by Astrenska Insurance Limited.
  • Eversure Breakdown Cover provided by Collinson Group and Underwritten by Astrenska Insurance Limited.
  • Eversure Car Hire Excess underwritten by American International Group UK Limited.
  • CBC Breakdown Cover with assistance by Call Assist, Emergency Assist or National Breakdown.
  • 'ReduceMyExcess' Car Hire Excess reimbursement insurance underwritten by American International Group UK Limited.

You will not be able to submit your claim until you have all of the required information. If a claim is made or legal proceedings are brought against you by a third party, you must as soon as practicably possible forward to us every demand, notice, summons or other correspondence you have received.

Paid On Results

First, you will need to apply (for free) to be a Paid On Results affiliate

Paid On Results launched in 2003, making them one of the longest established Affiliate Networks in the industry.

Once a sale has been validated, sales commission is paid within 3 working days.

Paid On Results’ software tools make sure that incorporating our affiliate program couldn't be simpler.

Their reporting tools let our affiliates quickly compare; commission rates, average basket size, void rates, validation rates and so much more.


Paid on Results helps run our affiliate programme. This means all of your sales are tracked by an independent third party so you can be sure that you will receive the commissions that are due to you. When one of your visitors clicks our banner they are redirected via Paid on Results website and if a sale is made, their software keeps a track of it and records it in their database.

Terms and Conditions

Affiliates are not allowed to use any banners or promotions that have not been supplied by Eversure Limited and made available on Paid on Results. Our banners should not be amended in any way. You must not recommend nor comment upon the suitability of our insurance, or in other ways try to evaluate or make a valued judgement about the product, or in other ways try to value, advise or persuade the customer to purchase our product.

To find our full terms and conditions sign up today and start receiving your commissions!

All affiliates are approved by us, we reserve the right not to approve your application.

If you have any questions please contact info@eversure.com