Approved Locks

The Eversure Cycle Insurance policy requires that your cycle is secured using an approved lock.

Approved lock means;

  1. a nominated lock from the appropriate Sold Secure category
    (as specified on your policy schedule);

    1. for cycles up to £250 in replacement value, an approved lock is one which is tested to a bronze standard by Sold Secure.
    2. for cycles greater than £250 but less than £1,500 in replacement value, an approved lock is one which is tested to a silver standard by Sold Secure.
    3. for cycles greater than £1,500 in replacement value, an approved lock is one which is tested to a gold standard by Sold Secure, or

  2. any other specified lock accepted by us and agreed in writing.

Please note: if you cannot find your lock on the search below, please try searching for the specific lock model rather than the manufacturer. For example, if searching for a 'Kyroptonite Evolution Mini 7' lock, 'Kryptonite' will not yield any results but 'Evolution' will.

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8200 EurdproBronze
8290 EurdproBronze
Abus 32/150 HB 230 Facilo ?Bronze
Axa Fold 100Bronze
Axa Fold 85Bronze
Centuro 860/110Bronze
Centuro 860/85cm ?Bronze
FS 300 Trigo (85cm)Bronze
FS 300 Trigo LBronze
FS 380 TrigoBronze
FS 380 Trigo LBronze
Hiplok LiteBronze
Kryptonite Keeper 510Bronze
Kryptonite Keeper 585Bronze
Lockerpod + ?Bronze
Magnum Plus Magrobust Cable Lock 90cm HLK405Bronze
Magnum Plus Magulitmate Chain Lock 85cm x 8mm HLK412Bronze
Mako Combi 18/1800Bronze
Mako Combi 18/900Bronze
Mako Combi 25/1200Bronze
Mako Plus 18/1800 Cable Lock ?Bronze
Mako Plus 18/900 Cable Lock ?Bronze
Mako Plus 25/1200 Cable Lock ?Bronze
Onguard Akita Cable Lock 100cm LK8037Bronze
Onguard Mastiff LK8020Bronze
Onguard Mastiff LK8021Bronze
Onguard Rottweiller LK8024Bronze
Onguard Rottweiller LK8025Bronze
Original Keeper LSBronze
Original Keeper STDBronze
Squire Inigma FL1 Folding Lock ?Bronze
Squire Inigma IC1 ?Bronze
Stockholm BX1Bronze
TKO Mini U LockBronze
410/170 HB 230 UltraSilver
410/170 HB 300 UltraSilver
8210/110 IVENSilver
8210/85 IVENSilver
8234 EurdproSilver
Abus 410/150 HB 140 Ultra MiniSilver
Abus 410/150 HB 180 Ultra MiniSilver
Abus 440A/150HB 160 USH Alarm Mini ?Silver
Abus 440A/170HB 230 USH Alarm ?Silver
Abus 471/150 HB 230 Sinus PlusSilver
Abus 471/150 HB 300 Sinus PlusSilver
Abus 6000/75+90cm BordoSilver
Abus 6000A Bordo AlarmSilver
Abus 9808Silver
Alarm D MAX 320mmSilver
AXA Foldable 1000-SerieSilver
AXA Foldable 800-SerieSilver
AXA Newton U Lock 230Silver
AXA Newton U Lock 300Silver
AXA SolidSilver
AXA Solid Plus ?Silver
BC 460 110cmSilver
BC 460 85cmSilver
BC 560 110cmSilver
BC 560 85cmSilver
Bikehut 271848 115 x 230mm U LockSilver
Bikehut 271855 115 x 230mm U Lock with Extender Cable ?Silver
Bikehut 271863 90 x 140mm U LockSilver
Brute Force ?Silver
BS 450 230mmSilver
BS 450 300mmSilver
Chain 8Silver
DCL1/J3 Padlock & ChainSilver
Decathlon Btwin Set Lock 900 D ?Silver
Defender RL ?Silver
Eurdat 1489 Ground AnchorSilver
Evolution Lite Mini 6Silver
Foldylock ClassicSilver
Foldylock ClipsterSilver
Foldylock CompactSilver
GHL - 057Silver
GHL - 059 14/230Silver
GHL - 059 14/300Silver
Granit Plus 470/150 HB 230Silver
Granit Plus 470/150 HB 300Silver
Granit Plus 640/135HB 150Silver
Granit Plus 640/135HB 230Silver
Granit Steel O Flex 1000/100Silver
Granit Steel O Flex 1000/80Silver
Hammerhead Combi 230Silver
Hammerhead Combi 290Silver
Hiplok DSilver
Hiplok DC ?Silver
Hiplok V1.50Silver
J3/J4 Chain ?Silver
Keeper 12 LSSilver
Keeper 12 Mini 6 U LockSilver
Keeper 12 STDSilver
Keeper 712 Combo Chain (120cm)Silver
Keeper 712 Integrated Chain (120cm)Silver
Keeper 755 Integrated Chain (55cm)Silver
Keeper 785 Integrated ChainSilver
Keeper 790 Combo Chain (90cm)Silver
Knockout Std U Lock ?Silver
Kryptolok Series 2 STD ?Silver
Kryptonite Keeper 810 FoldSilver
Kryptonite Kryptolok 610Silver
Kryptonite Kryptolok 685Silver
Kryptonite Ring Lock ?Silver
Lifeline Steel Core D Lock 14/143Silver
Lifeline Steel Core D Lock 14/230Silver
Lifeline Steel Core D Lock 14/300Silver
Litelok Silver LL02-020Silver
Mako CN 8/600 Chain LockSilver
Mako CN 8/900Silver
Mako Combi AD25/1200Silver
Mako Plus AD25/1200Silver
Messenger Chain & Moly PadlockSilver
Messenger Mini + U-LockSilver
Mini Wall Anchor HDSilver
Onguard Bulldog LK8009Silver
Onguard Bulldog LK8010Silver
Onguard Bulldog LK8012 ?Silver
Oxford Alarm D Midi (260mm)Silver
Oxford Alarm D Mini (205mm)Silver
Oxford Alarm D ScootSilver
Oxford Anchor 10 (LK395)Silver
Pedego Folding LockSilver
Sentinel + 14 x 260mmSilver
Sentinel + 14 x 320mmSilver
Set Lock 900 Mini D ?Silver
Snaplok 210Silver
Snaplok 260Silver
Velo-Box with Padlock OverideSilver
Velo-Box with Reinforced Die Cast T HandleSilver
Velo-Safe (Padlock with Over-Ride) ?Silver
Velo-Safe with Reinforced Die Cast T HandleSilver
Wall Anchor HDSilver
YUL 2/13/230/1 High Security U LockSilver
YUL 2C/13/230/1 High Security U Lock & Cable ?Silver
Zefal K Traz U13Silver
Zefal K Traz U13-SSilver
10mm Super Quadlink ChainGold
14mm Super Quadlink Security ChainGold
53/160 HB 230 Granit LondonGold
53/160 HB 300 Granit LondonGold
54/160HB 145 Granit X Plus MiniGold
8195 Eurdprocol ?Gold
8195 EurdprocolbGold
8195 EurdprocolrGold
8195 EurdprocolsGold
8195 Eurdprocolw ?Gold
8195 EurdprocolwbGold
8195 EurdprocolwrGold
8195 EurdprocolwsGold
8195 Eurdprolw Street Fortum ?Gold
8195 EurdprolwrefGold
8195 EurdprorefGold
8239 EurdproGold
8274 Eurdpro ?Gold
8278 EurdproGold
8279 EurdproGold
8285 Eurdpro Street Fortum ?Gold
Abus 1010/85/110/140/170 City Chain ?Gold
Abus 420/170 HB 230 UltimateGold
Abus 6405-110 BordoGold
Abus 6405-85 BordoGold
Abus 6500/110 Bordo X-PlusGold
Abus 770A-160HB 230 BK Smart XGold
Abus 770A-160HB 300 BK Smart XGold
Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500/85 ?Gold
Airlok 1Gold
Anti-Pinch PinGold
Asaklitt U-Lock 31-2166Gold
AXA Cherto CompactGold
AXA LinqGold
AXA Newton ProMOTO-2Gold
AXA Newton U Lock ProGold
BS 650 140mmGold
BS 650 230mmGold
BS 650 300mmGold
Burg Wachter 1580 HB 165/200 D-LockGold
Chain 10 Padlock & ChainGold
City Chain X Plus 1060 x 110cm ?Gold
City Chain X Plus 1060 x 85/140/170cm ?Gold
Cyclehoop HDGold
DIB 130 D LockGold
DIB 190 D LockGold
DIB 260 D LockGold
Eiger 230 D-LockGold
Eiger CompactGold
Eiger Mini / G3Gold
Evolution LS U Lock 14mmGold
Evolution Mini 5 Double Deadbolt U Lock ?Gold
Evolution Mini 7 Double Deadbolt U Lock ?Gold
Evolution Mini 9 Double Deadbolt U Lock ?Gold
Evolution Series 4 1016 Integrated ChainGold
Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini Integrated ChainGold
Evolution Series 4 1090 Integrated ChainGold
Evolution STD U Lock 14mmGold
FS 500 TOROGold
G3/G4 Chain ?Gold
Granit X Plus 54/160 HB 230Gold
Granit X Plus 540/160 HB 230Gold
Granit X Plus 540/160 HB 300Gold
Hammerhead 230 & Hammerhead 290Gold
HD Chain Loop (LK146)Gold
HD Chainlock (OF157, 159, & 160) ?Gold
HD MaxGold
HD Mini Shackle Lock (OF161) ?Gold
Hiplok DXGold
Hiplok DXC ?Gold
Hiplok GoldGold
Hiplok HomieGold
Immense Padlock & ChainGold
IVY 9100/85/110/140/170Gold
Kryptolok 912 Combo Chain (120cm)Gold
Kryptolok 912 Integrated ChainGold
Kryptolok 915 Integrated ChainGold
Kryptolok 917 Integrated ChainGold
Kryptolok 955 Integrated ChainGold
Kryptolok 990 Combo Chain (90cm)Gold
Kryptolok 995 Integrated ChainGold
Kryptolok ATB U Lock ?Gold
Kryptolok LS U Lock ?Gold
Kryptolok Mini 7 U Lock ?Gold
Kryptolok STD U Lock ?Gold
Litelok Gold LL01Gv11Gold
Litelok Gold LL01Gv11-925 Small 1000 Medium 1075 LargeGold
LK8001 Onguard BruteGold
LK8002 Onguard PitbullGold
LK8003 Onguard PitbullGold
LK8005 Onguard Pitbull ?Gold
LK8006 Onguard PitbullGold
LK8008 Onguard Mini with Extender ?Gold
Lockerpod + SS ?Gold
Magnum Plus Magsolid STD Shackle Lock HLK416Gold
Magnum Plus Magsolid STD with Extender Cable HLK418 ?Gold
Mason U-Lock 85-140Gold
Mason U-Lock 85-180Gold
Milenco Colraine 9mm Chain 1.0,1.4 & 1.8 chain LengthsGold
Milenco Colraine 9mm Chain Lock 1.0,1.4 & 1.8 chain LengthsGold
Milenco Dundrod 12mm Chain 1.0,1.4 & 1.8 chain LengthsGold
Milenco Dundrod 14 x 54mm U-Lock ChainGold
Milenco Dundrod 16 x 65mm U-Lock ChainGold
Milenco Dundrod 18 x 230mm U-Lock ChainGold
Monster MK 2 Disc LockGold
Monster XL Lock & Chain(14mm Hex)Gold
Nemesis 16mm Padlock & 16mm Chain(OF330 OF331 OF332) ?Gold
New York M18 WLGold
NY Chain 1210 & Evolution Series 4 Disc Lock ?Gold
NY Chain 1217 & Evolution Series 4 Disc Lock ?Gold
NY Fahgettaboudit Chain 1410 & NY Disc LockGold
NY Fahgettaboudit Chain 1415 & NY Disc LockGold
NY Fahgettaboudit Mini U LockGold
NY Lock STD ?Gold
NY Noose 1213 & Evolution Series 4 Disc Lock ?Gold
NY Noose 1275 & Evolution Series 4 Disc Lock ?Gold
Onguard Brute LS U Lock LK 8000Gold
Onguard Mastiff LK8019Gold
Onguard Mastiff LK8019LGold
Onguard Mastiff LK8019LPGold
Oxford Anchor 14 Ground AnchorGold
Oxford Magnum U-Lock ?Gold
Pentagon Pure 220 U LockGold
Pentagon Pure 300 U LockGold
Protector 1 DT ?Gold
Protector 1 LSGold
Protector 1 STDGold
Protector 11mm Chain ?Gold
Protector 13mm Chain ?Gold
Protector 16mm Chain ?Gold
Protector 19mm Chain ?Gold
Protector 22mm Titan ChainGold
Ribble D-Lock 14 x 260mmGold
Roundlock RL21 and RL21AGold
Shackle 14 (260mm)Gold
Shackle 14 (320mm)Gold
Silverline 735087 High Security U LockGold
Squire Inigma-Bluetooth D Lock ?Gold
SS50 P5 PadlockGold
Sterling 1010S Security Chain ?Gold
Sterling 60mm Closed Shackle Steel Padlock SSP 162CGold
Sterling 60mm Steel Padlock SSP 162Gold
Sterling Universal D Lock 272 SGold
Sterling Universal D Lock 273 SGold
Street Fortum 8195 Eurdpro ?Gold
Stronghold Ground AnchorGold
Terra Force Ground Anchor ?Gold
Torc Ground Anchor Series 2 ?Gold
WBA 100 Wall/Ground Anchor ?Gold
WBA 75 Ground AnchorGold
YCL 3/10/110/1 Maximum Security Chain 110cmGold
YCL 3/10/180/1 Maximum Security Chain 180cmGold
YCL3/10/110/1CH YALE CHAIN 1100MM YCL3/10/180/1CH YALE CHAIN 1800MMGold
YUL 3/14/230/1 Maximum Security U LockGold
YUL 3C/14/230/1 Maximum Security U Lock & Cable ?Gold
Zefal K Traz U17Gold

Last updated: 10 Jul 2019

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