Commercial Drone Insurance

Fully compliant with regulation EC 785/2004
Commercial Drone Insurance
  • Cover for Unlimited Flights
  • Up to £50k per drone
  • EC785/2004 compliant
Key Policy Features
  • Flexible policy term
  • Up to £25m Public Liability
  • Up to £50k per drone
  • Multiple drones
  • Underwritten by Allianz

Eversure Insurance is a Member of the British Insurance Brokers' Association

Eversure in Partnership with Flock

What You Need to Know

Eversure has partnered with Flock, one of the UK’s leading Drone Insurance Specialists, to provide you with comprehensive drone cover. You can take off safe in the knowledge Flock has you covered. The insurance provided is suitable for CAA qualified operators with Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

Do I Need Insurance?

If you’re flying for commercial reasons, insurance is a legal requirement. Whether you use your drone for making a film, conducting a survey, or spraying crops, rest assured that Flock will help you find the insurance that’s right for your business.

How do I get a Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW)/ A Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO)

To get your PFAW/PfCO Qualification you have to do 3 things: go on a CAA Approved Course at a National Qualified Entity or NQE as they are known, then send your newly gained qualification, along with evidence of your flying ability and an Operations Manual to the CAA.

Can you cover me if I haven’t successfully completed a UAS training course/school/academy?

Yes, Flock offer flight assessment insurance from £5.95. Any training flights can also be covered too. Then once you've got your PfCO, you can simply upgrade to a commercial operator account.

The Civil Aviation Authority and EC 785/2004

The commercial use of UAS has become increasingly commonplace in recent years, as businesses look to harness drone technology to save time, reduce risk and access areas that were previously off-limits. However, this growing trend has also been accompanied by the introduction of important regulation aimed at protecting operators and third parties.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) stipulates that if you use your drone for commercial purposes, it is a legal requirement to have public liability cover in place. Under EU regulation EC 785/2004, UAS insurance should also include cover for acts of war, terrorism, hijacking, acts of sabotage, unlawful seizure of aircraft and civil commotion. All of our policies provide the necessary coverage to comply with EC 785/2004 standards.

What does UAS, UAV and RPAS stand for?

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. UAVs are a component of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), which includes a UAV, a ground-based controller, and a system of communications between the two and finally RPAS stands for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

If you have a query that isn’t covered here, please complete the form and one of Flocks experts will be in contact to run through anything you might be unsure about.


Eversure Insurance is a Member of the British Insurance Brokers' Association