Musical Instrument Insurance

Never Miss a Beat

Zero Admin Fees
Make changes to your policy whenever you need, without paying a penny.
Theft, Damage and Accidental Loss Cover
To help give you peace-of-mind when things don't go right.
New for Old Cover
If your instrument is beyond repair, we'll replace it for you.
Additional Cover Options
  • Worldwide cover
  • £10m Public liability cover
  • £2m Professional indemnity
  • Personal accident cover
  • Accessories
Important Information
Section of Cover Policy Limit Excess
Theft (other than from a vehicle): Up to £25,000 £100
Theft from a vehicle Up to £25,000 £100
Accidental Loss or Damage: Up to £25,000 £100
Hire of Equipment: 10% of Sum Insured None
Personal Accident: Up to £50,000 None
New Aquisitions: 30% of sum Insured £100
Retrospective Ownership Dispute: 10% of sum Insured None
Instruments Loaned Out: Included £100
Public Liability: £10 million £500
Professional Indemnity: £2 million None

Key Policy Exclusions (see Policy Wording for all exclusions)

  • The amount of the excess shown in the policy schedule.
  • Any claim where the security requirements have not been adhered to.
  • Theft from the Insured Location unless involving forcible and/or violent entry or exit.
  • Theft by persons to whom the Insured Items have been entrusted (including members of Your Family).
  • Theft from an Unoccupied Insured Location.
  • Damage to consumable items such as strings, reeds, drum heads, drum skins, bulbs, fuses etc.
  • Damage to non-working parts such as trims, edges and fittings or any change in colour or finish.
  • Any claim if You are aged under 16 or over 85.
  • Theft by persons to whom Insured Items have been Loaned.
  • Wear and tear.
  • Damage caused by water or chemicals during any operation of cleaning or it being taking apart.
  • Superficial scratches or dents.
  • Damage where the Insured Item has not been used or maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Let's Harmonise.

Our cover will help keep you drumming, plucking and strumming all the way across the globe and back again.

Whether you’re a musician touring open mic nights during the week, a professional member of a renowned symphony orchestra or have a valuable instrument that just stays at home we understand that your instrument is your life; so we’ve put together a policy that gives you as much protection and peace-of-mind as possible.

Our policy will cover accidental loss and damage as well as theft of instruments and accessories. We will also pay for the hire of alternative equipment following a claim whilst we repair or replace an Insured Item.

You can select the cover that is suitable to you. We offer room only, UK or worldwide cover. If you choose to take your instruments abroad then they are covered in the same way, so long as your trip length doesn’t exceed 60 days. The Insured Items are always covered in your possession, and unattended if left in a locked room or locked cupboard if all security devices are in operation.

Public liability and professional Indemnity can also be included.

  • Public liability covers costs you may become liable to pay, if you injure another person or damage a third parties property whilst you are performing your musical activity.
  • Professional indemnity will cover if a claim is made against you for a negligent act in respect of your advise or service.
  • For peace of mind you can also add Personal accident cover and choose a benefit amount of up to £50,000 if you were to suffer an accident whilst performing.

For more information, we’ve outlined some of the benefits of our cover, take a look below:

Accidental Loss and Damage

We’ve got you covered when things don’t go to plan. We all have accidents, and when those annoying and unpredictable moments arise, you’ll have peace-of-mind with us that the cost of repairs and even a replacement instrument all fall under our cover.

Theft (Including from a Vehicle)

When you’re on the road in can be difficult to keep track of your instrument at all times. So if it gets stolen from a secure vehicle, and you’ve kept in in a locked place (like the glove box or boot) and not in a convertible, then it’s covered.

Worldwide Cover

We know as a musician, you’ll spend a fair amount of time travelling, and not just around the UK. We’ll cover you all the way from here to the Sydney Opera House. As long as there isn’t a travel advisory out for that country, your instrument will be protected.

Public Liability and Professional Indemnity

Both of these are optional extras for our cover, there also some of the more misunderstood aspects of insurance. We’ve tried to shed some light on them, often people don’t realise that these extras suit their situation.

Public liability covers third party damage to your instruments; very usual for performing when you’re in theatres and arts centres, and any damage caused by stage-hands, roadies or members of the public will be covered with this.

Professional indemnity insurance is a tad more complicated. This covers claims of negligence, contract breaches, slander and libel (to name a few). If you’re performing for clients, then seriously consider this cover.

For more info about specific musical instrument policies, take a look at two of our more popular products: DJ Insurance and Guitar Insurance.

Do make sure you check the policy wording for all terms and exclusions to make sure you get the right cover for you.

Our FAQs are intended as a guide and are not exhaustive, you should not rely on these in their entirety and should read the Policy Wording for all policy Terms, Conditions and Exclusions. If you have any additional queries regarding our insurance please use our Contact Us section to get in touch. We will endeavour to respond to any queries within 24 business hours.

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