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Whether you’re an amateur musician, trying out at open mic nights, a professional member of a symphony orchestra or just have a precious instrument that you want to keep secure; we understand that your instrument is your life, so we’ve put together a policy that gives you as much protection and peace-of-mind as possible.

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Musical Instrument Policy

Designed for amateurs and professional performers alike, our "build your own cover" style policy will give you the most flexibility and cover options available. From room-only cover, to global protection against theft, loss and accidental damage this is hands-down our most complete cover.

PL and PI-Only Policy

If you're only looking for a Public Liability (PL) policy, then you can select this on our quote journey. If you feel you don't need a full insurance policy for your instrument, but know for performance purposes you require a certain amount of PL to appear on stage. We offer £10m public liability and even throw in £2m of professional indemnity cover for good measure.

Key Policy Features
Important Information

Eversure Musical Instrument Insurance is underwritten by AXA XL

If you need to make a claim, we'll ask you to provide evidence of ownership. This is your way of demonstrating to us that you owned the equipment at the time of loss.

We can accept the following as evidence of ownership:

  • The original receipt, invoice or credit agreement that shows the item, value and date of purchase.
  • Clear photographs of your instrument/equipment that are date and time stamped and show personal identification (such as driving licence or your Certificate of Insurance)
  • A recent valuation or repair statement from a reputable source stating the items, values and date.

Musical Instrument Insurance Explained

Our policy will cover accidental loss and damage as well as theft of instruments and accessories. We will also pay for the hire of alternative equipment following a claim whilst we repair or replace an Insured Item.

You can select the cover that is suitable to you. We offer room only, UK or worldwide cover. If you choose to take your instruments abroad then they are covered in the same way, so long as your trip length doesn’t exceed 60 days. The Insured Items are always covered in your possession, and unattended if left in a locked room or locked cupboard if all security devices are in operation.

Take a look below for more details of our policy benefits:

New for Old Cover

Should you need to claim and your instrument is beyond repair, our policy works on a new for old basis, so we'll replace it with the latest equivalent model.

Accidental Loss and Damage

We’ve got you covered when things don’t go to plan. We all have accidents, and when those annoying and unpredictable moments arise, you’ll have peace-of-mind with us that the cost of repairs and even a replacement instrument all fall under our cover.


When you’re on the road in can be difficult to keep track of your instrument at all times. So if it gets stolen from a secure vehicle, and you’ve kept in in a locked place (like the glove box or boot) and not in a convertible, then it’s covered.

In-Vehicle Cover

When you’re on the road in can be difficult to keep track of your instrument at all times. So if it gets stolen from a secure vehicle, and you’ve kept in in a locked place (like the glove box or boot) and not in a convertible, then it’s covered.

Instrument Hire

If your insured instrument is in for repairs due to a claim and you need one to perform, we'll provide you with a rental to tie you over until you're re-united.

Worldwide Cover

We know as a musician, you’ll spend a fair amount of time travelling, and not just around the UK. We’ll cover you all the way from here to the Sydney Opera House. As long as there isn’t a travel advisory out for that country, your instrument will be protected.

Public Liability and Professional Indemnity

We offer £10m Public Liability which will protect you against accidents to third parties whilst performing. For example if, during a performance, a music stand or speaker of yours fell and injured someone, you would be covered for any potential costs incurred due to injuries caused.

Professional Indemnity is designed to cover you in the event of a claim against you by a third party, usually a client. A good example of this is, if you're performing at a wedding and your instrument is damaged, meaning you can't play, you'd be protected for claims against you up to the cost of £2m.

Personal Accident Cover

Should you hurt yourself whilst performing with your insured instrument, then we provide cover for incidents in which you'd require dental work, loss of sight, limb, hearing or your death.

For more info about specific musical instrument policies, take a look our more popular products:

Do make sure you check the policy wording for all terms and exclusions to make sure you get the right cover for you.

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