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Camera Insurance vs Home Insurance

By , 15 June 2020

One of the most common questions we get asked about camera insurance is whether people’s home contents insurance is enough for their camera. Well to try and help clear this question up we’ve outlined some of the ways that having standalone camera insurance is much more useful than simply relying on your home contents cover. Have a read below, and remember you can always head to our camera insurance page for more info, or contact us using our contact form.

Cover Outside of your Home

The vast majority of home contents insurance will only cover your belongings if they are inside your house at all times. A separate camera insurance policy means that your camera and its equipment will continue to be covered when you take it outside, something that your current contents insurance probably won’t do; and let’s face it, camera often spend just as much time out being used as they do inside.

Worldwide Cover

You can add worldwide cover to most camera insurance policies and if you travel with your camera at all, it’s very worthwhile looking at. Not only can you take your camera out of your house and still be covered, you can travel to almost any country in the world (as long as there isn’t a travel advisory or ban in place) and receive the same protection as you would if you had just stayed in the UK.

Home contents insurance, as you can imagine won’t generally cover any of your possessions if you were to take them outside of the UK – making a separate policy all the more worth it.

Public Liability and Professional Indemnity

Some of the more comprehensive camera insurance providers offer public liability and professional indemnity cover which is most useful for professional photographers who are on location for a shoot. For more information on what public liability is and how important it is in insurance, head to our public liability page to find out more.

In-Vehicle Cover

Having a separate camera insurance policy will also often offer cover if your camera is stolen from a vehicle, providing it’s in a locked compartment.

Home contents insurance won’t always cover your vehicle or any possessions left in it, so even if you left your camera in a locked compartment in your car on your drive and it was stolen, you wouldn’t necessarily be covered.

Optional Drone Cover

Out camera insurance also covers drones, which if you’re an amateur drone pilot, you can add into your policy when you purchase, or after purchase by using our contact us form.

If you’d like to find out more about our camera insurance policies and whether they’re right for you, then head over to our camera insurance page for all the info.