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All you Need to Know About Drone Photography

By , 17 January 2020

Before you take your drone out for a spin make sure you check the UK Drone Laws fully – these can vary depending on where you’re planning on flying, so check them thoroughly and make sure you’re safe to fly before you do so.

Drone Photography Tips

Before you head out to try and capture some amazing footage and photos with your drone, don’t forget these simple things that could change your shoot for the better!

  • Always check the weather forecast.
  • Make sure you have a scheduled plan.
  • Take a spare battery.
  • Pick the right time.

These all may sound obvious, but you’ll be amazed at how many people just go out with their drone randomly and never managed to capture that spectacular shot because they just don’t plan ahead! Working out when sunrise or sunset is, the wind speed and keeping track of local events such as fetes and parades that could give you great opportunities to shoot some amazing photos.

Drone Photography

Best Drones for Photography

Most of us know who DJI are, and there probably the best place to start when it comes to choosing yourself a drone that’s great at taking photos and shooting video. Their Mavic 2 and Mavic Pro series drones are ideal for beginners and pros alike – of course the downsize is the price, DJI don’t give exactly give them away. But if you can get past that particular hurdle then you’ll be well on you’re way to taking spectacular drone photos.

There are 5 main criteria you’ll want to look at when it comes to choosing a photography drone:

  • Stability.
  • Camera Quality.
  • Camera Movement.
  • Drone Manoeuvrability.
  • Battery Length.

The stability and manoeuvrability of the drone is really important for when you’re positioning it into the perfect place to get the shot you want. This can require very small adjustments and a good responsiveness from the controls to the drone, you’ll want the most control possible. Camera quality is obviously a big one and is easy check between drone, but how easy the camera moves is one people often over-look. Sometimes the perfect angle is only there for a split second, miss it and you’ve lost your chance. How quickly and accurately the camera moves on your drone plays a big part in capturing those unique shots.

The positives of battery length are pretty straightforward too. The longer your drone can stay in the air, the better chance you’ll have of getting that photo you need – but don’t prioritise this over other, more important, elements.

Drone Photography

Best Places to fly your Drone

Finding the right place to take photos with your drone can take some time; you should think about where to head to carefully. Many parts of the UK have strict rules about where you can and cannot fly your drone. Make sure you consult the UK Drone Laws for more info. If you’re looking for inspiration for a great place to visit and take photos then check out our ‘Best Places in the UK to Fly Your Drone blog” for some excellent ideas.

New Drones for 2020

The really exciting thing about drone photography is that the tech is always improving and adapting. 2020 will be another huge year for drone advancements with the industry leader DJI could be planning on releasing the much-anticipated Mavic 3 after the Mavic Mini late last year. Focus this year will be on drones that are more compact in size but don’t skimp on image quality. One of the first products that is pretty much guaranteed is the Xdynamic Evolve 2 scheduled for a May 2020 release. With an enormous 12km range, a new metal heatsink undercarriage to help with obstacle avoidance and a professional grade 4k camera with detachable lens, this drone offers a tantalising amount of tech and will still weigh less than 2kg. In terms of affordability, it doesn’t look like prices are dropping rapidly any time soon, so before you make your first, or even next purchase, make sure the drone you choose has everything to need, then head over to our Drone Insurance page and get it covered. Equally if you’re already a customer of ours and just need to add equipment to your policy, head to our Contact Us Form and send us a quick message.

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