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What is Home Start?

By , 26 March 2020

You may have seen this phrase quite a bit in relationship to breakdown cover and it one of the mainstays of a good, well rounded policy. But what exactly does it mean and what are the benefits of breakdown insurance with home start?

Let’s start with the basics. Home start means you can get breakdown assistance from your home. So if your car won’t start on your driveway you can get help. Some more comprehensive policies even include assistance up to a mile from your house too.

Many people think that every breakdown cover policy includes home start as standard, but this isn’t the case so it’s always worthwhile looking through the policy benefits and exclusions before you purchase. To check out our options, just head to our breakdown cover page and see if our policies suit your needs.

Car on Driveway

The benefits of having home start as an assistance and recovery option is pretty obvious. If your car won’t start in the morning and you need to get to work or out and about – once an assistance agent has attended, you’ll be able to get back to driving sooner rather than later.

Home start is more beneficial on an annual UK or European policy, as this is when you’re likely to need it most – so it’s worthwhile considering it if you’re looking at purchasing one of these policies. One of the most common causes of at home breakdown is a flat battery. It’s really important to note that there are some policies out there that don’t cover flat batteries as a breakdown, so make sure you choose a reputable company that does offer this.

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