Personal Breakdown Cover

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85% Vehicles Repaired at Roadside
Average Response Time 46 Minutes
Feefo Platinum Award-Winning Service
Policy Section Cover Limit
Cover Level 1: Silver
  • Roadside assistance for your vehicle if it is one mile or more away from your home address.
  • Local recovery to nearest suitable garage within 25 miles if your vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside.
  • Onward travel (after receiving local recovery), which consists of a choice of:
    1. Rail, bus, coach, or equivalent costs of more convenient travel allowing you to continue your journey, or;
    2. Overnight hotel accommodation Overnight hotel accommodation up to £150 for a lone person (£75 per person, up to £600 in total for multiple passengers) or;
    3. Replacement vehicle hire up to £300
    4. National recovery of your vehicle to your home address (or original destination if you prefer and it is closer) within the Territorial Limits, if repair cannot be made at the roadside or at a suitable garage on the same working day
Cover Level 2: Gold
Offers the following in addition to Cover Level 1: Silver benefits:
  • Home Start - assistance at or within 1 mile of your home address
Cover Level 3: Platinum
Offers the following in addition to Cover Level 2: Gold benefits:
  • Misfuelling
    • Draining incorrect fuel
    • Repair of affected engine parts (up to £500)

Maximum vehicle age at time of breakdown: 15 Years (inclusive). Personal cover can be selected for up to 4 people.

Key Policy Exclusions (see Policy Wording for all exclusions)

Annual UK & European Breakdown Cover (Collinson)

  • Any breakdown assistance within 48 hours of purchase
  • Vehicles exceeding the maximum age limit for their type at the date you buy the policy
  • vehicles more than 3,500kg in weight (including any load), 7 metres long, 3 metres high and 2.25 metres wide.
  • Breakdowns or accidents relating to a caravan or trailer
  • The cost of any parts, components or materials used to repair the vehicle
  • Assistance following an accident, theft, fire, or vandalism
  • Breakdowns caused by failure to maintain the vehicle in a roadworthy condition including maintenance of proper levels of oil, water, or tyres
  • Assistance on certain Auto Routes in Europe - you must use the official SOS boxes to arrange assistance. Once the vehicle has been recovered from the Auto Route, you should contact us, and we will make any further arrangements for you
  • Service where glass or windscreens have been damaged
  • Claims totalling more than £15,000.00 in any one period of insurance

What is Personal Breakdown Cover?

Where vehicle breakdown cover simply protects a specified car which you or anyone could be driving, personal breakdown cover protects you, the driver, so no matter what car you are travelling in as a driving or are even a passenger (as long as the vehicle meets the policy requirements), you’ll have breakdown cover at the touch of a button.

What Are the Benefits of Personal Breakdown Cover?

Personal breakdown cover offers you a few added benefits that vehicle breakdown cover simply can’t, we’ve outlined some of them below:

Family Cover

You can turn your personal cover into a joint policy by adding up to a total of four family members who live at the same address as you. This means that you can cover your entire family on any vehicle they drive. So if you’re sharing the driving on a long journey or setting your kids up with their very first car, the people you care about most will have breakdown cover for when they need it.

Passenger Cover

One of the most beneficial aspects of personal breakdown is the cover you’re afforded even if you’re a passenger in another car. This gives you the flexibility and peace-of-mind when in someone else's car, that you can be assisted should you need it.

Cover for Any Car or Motorbike up to 15 Years Old

To try and give you as much flexibility as possible, you’ll be covered in any car or motorbike as long as it’s 15 years old or younger. So dust off your ageing, forgotten sports car in the garage, and take it for a spin, safe in the knowledge that if something were to go wrong, you’ll be covered.

This policy benefit is most helpful for people who own more than one vehicle, as it’s so much easier to just have one breakdown policy that covers yourself, rather than several for each vehicle. So if you own multiple cars or motorbikes then personal breakdown cover is most likely right for you.

European Personal Breakdown Cover

For the international traveller out there, you can even purchase European personal breakdown cover, giving you the most amount of flexibility and cover options we offer.

We’ve outlined the countries and regions you’ll be covered in below:

Albania, Andorra, Austria, Balearics, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canary Isles, Channel Islands, Corsica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Madeira, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, San Marino, Sardinia, Serbia, Sicily, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Vatican City.

Vehicle vs Personal Breakdown Cover

We're often asked which cover is right for our customers, and the truth is it’s all about tailoring your policy to your personal needs. If you only ever drive one car, then vehicle cover is most likely best for you.

However, if you drive more than one vehicle then personal breakdown cover may be better suited to you, provided it meets the age and type restrictions.

Whilst personal breakdown cover can be more expensive than vehicle, it gives you more flexibility, plus you’ll never need to update your vehicle registration details with us, a chore easily forgotten!

Our FAQs are intended as a guide and are not exhaustive, you should not rely on these in their entirety and should read the Policy Wording for all policy Terms, Conditions and Exclusions. If you have any additional queries regarding our insurance please use our Contact Us section to get in touch. We will endeavour to respond to any queries within 24 business hours.

Key Policy Features
  • Cover Starts from £33.81
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Recovery to Local Garage
  • Overnight Accommodation
  • Hire Car During Repair
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