Camera Insurance - from £19.99 a year

For Amateur and Professional Photographers

Camera insurance from Eversure is designed to give you security and flexibility meaning you can focus on taking great photos. Whether you’ve just bought your very first DSLR or you were born with a Leica in your hand, we’ve got cover to suit everyone’s needs.

Key Policy Features
In-vehicle cover
Replacement Equipment
Equipment Cover
Accidental Damage
Loss and Theft
Pros and Amateurs
Optional Cover
Public Liability
Worldwide Cover
Professional Indemnity
Important Information

Eversure Camera Insurance is underwritten by AXA XL.

The Eversure Camera Insurance policy requires that you are able to provide evidence of ownership for each item that you wish to insure. If you do not have evidence of ownership for one or more of your items any subsequent claim may not be upheld.

Evidence of ownership will ideally consist of one of the following:

  • The original receipt stating the item, value and date of purchase
  • A copy receipt from the retailer stating the item, value and date of purchase
  • An invoice stating the item, value and date of purchase
  • A credit agreement stating the item, value and date of purchase

If you do not have any of the above, we will require a combination of at least two of the below:

  • Clear photographs of your equipment which are date and time stamped
  • A bank or credit card statement showing the date and value of the purchase and the retailers details
  • Packaging and literature which shows details of the item and purchase
  • A recent valuation or repair statement from a reputable camera dealer stating the item, value and date
  • For items purchased through an online auction such as eBay; a printed copy of the original auction, including photo's, description and auction number as well as the relevant proof of payment

Whilst it does not count as proof of ownership, specified items (any item valued over £2,000) should also have their serial numbers recorded when possible. Serial numbers can be entered during purchase, or you can contact us after purchasing to update these details. Providing the serial number for specified items can also help to match them to the relevant evidence of ownership if you need to make a claim, and for high value items some retailers may be able to provide copy receipts using the serial number.

Standard Cover
Replacement Equipment

If you've made a claim and your equipment is being repaired or was lost, in the interim period, we will pay for the hire of equipment if you need it to carry on working and taking photos whilst you wait for your repairs or delivery of replacement gear.

New for Old Cover

New for old cover simply means that if your camera or videography equipment is lost or damaged beyond repair it will be replaced by the new equivalent model. One really good thing about this feature is that even if your camera is several years old and is no longer made, you will usually be able to replace this with a camera with the same specifications (or as close as possible).

Excess based on overall Equipment Value

If your equipment has a value of less than £3,000, you'll pay a maximum of £150 towards the total cost of any claim and for Equipment with a value of £3,000 & over, you'll need to pay either £200 or 5% (which ever is higher) towards the total cost of any claim.

Equipment Cover

Laptops, scanners, printers, studio lights and other standard equipment are all covered. Essentially if you use it in your production or editing process, you can cover it. Do bear in mind, we unfortunately can't cover tablets or mobile phones.

Accidental Damage

We all know accidents can happen, often at the most annoying time. Should you lose your grip at the vital moment, you’ll be relived to know that you’ll be covered.

Loss and Theft

The nightmare scenario for any photographer it the complete loss of your equipment, that’s why our policy offers cover for loss and theft and even provides funds for hire equipment to help you stay calm and carry on throughout the stress of your loss.

In Vehicle Cover

All our camera policies come with in vehicle cover as standard. As long as you’ve kept your camera and its equipment in a safe and locked part of the car such as the glove box or boot, you’ll be covered for up to 24 hours.

Amateur and Professional Cover

Regardless of your level, our cover can suit your needs. Our policy is designed with flexibility in mind and whether you're a weekend budding enthusiast or in the middle of a hectic pro shoot schedule – you’ll be able to find peace-of-mind with us.

Optional Cover
Public Liability Cover

With prices starting from an extra £15 per year on your premium, public liability can give you peace of mind you need to focus on taking great photos.

Worldwide Cover

For the globetrotting photographers out there; if you’re a keen traveller, our policy will extend around the planet with you for trips up to a whopping 120 days in length. As long as there isn’t a travel advisory against the country you’re visiting, you’ll be covered there. Always read through your policy wording and exclusions, to make sure our cover is right for you.

Professional Indemnity

Sometimes things just don't go your way. Should a client feel the need to take action against you, we can help cover your costs up to £50,000.


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