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Security Requirements

We shall have no liability under the policy for theft, if You fail to comply with the following provisions, unless You show that non-compliance with these provisions could not have increased the risk of the loss which actually occurred in the circumstances in which it occurred.

At the Insured Location:

  • All security devices including alarms must be operational whenever the Insured Location is Unoccupied and/or Unattended.
  • The Insured Items must be stored within the main building at the Insured Location, which must be constructed of non-combustible materials. By this We mean that the walls are built of brick or stone and the roof is slate or tile.
  • For Sums Insured exceeding £20,000 a National Security Inspectorate approved and maintained alarm is also required, which must be activated in addition to the above requirements.

Away from the Insured Location:

  • The Insured Items must not be left Unattended at any time unless inside a locked room or locked cupboard and any security devices are in operation.

Unattended Vehicle:

  • The Insured Items must be stored in a Locked Luggage Compartment.
  • All doors, windows and other openings in the vehicle must be fully closed and locked whenever the vehicle is left Unattended.
  • All security devices such as alarms must be activated whenever the vehicle is left Unattended.
  • If Insured Items exceed £10,000 Value the vehicle must also be fitted with an alarm.
  • When parked at the Insured Location, Insured Items must, where possible, be removed from the vehicle and stored within the Insured Location.

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